11 Products That’ll Get You Organized in 2012

Did you vow to get (or stay) organized this year? These products — which help you organize everything from your kitchen to your purse — will make it that much easier to stick to your resolution. You may have never even known you needed these things — until now!

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  • Toy Storage 1 of 11
    Toy Storage
    If your house is like our house, toys tend to take over after the holidays. Inexpensive and customizable storage solutions, like this one from Ikea, are great. You can customize finishes and bins to match your home decor and mix and match with other Ikea organizer systems.
    Get the Trofast wall storage from Ikea, Starting at $24.99
    Plus, check out 11 more toy storage ideas under $100
  • Wall Calendar 2 of 11
    Wall Calendar
    Between soccer practice, piano lessons, and date night, there are so many activities ... and so little time. Keep your family's schedule organized with this handy wall calendar decal. You can stick it anywhere you want without messing up your walls and move it again if you change your mind (or as the kids grow taller!). It uses ordinary chalk.
    Get it from PB Teen, $47
  • Gift Wrap Organizer 3 of 11
    Gift Wrap Organizer
    Now that the holidays are over, you'll need a place to stick all that gift wrap. Keep things tidy now, and you'll save yourself loads of time for the next holiday season. The cool thing about this organizer is you can customize it to hold the sizes of gift wrap and types of accessories you have the most of.
    Get it from The Container Store, $28.95
  • Art Organizer 4 of 11
    Art Organizer
    Are your little one's latest masterpieces starting to pile up? This oversized accordion organizer will keep that valuable artwork flat and safe! It sorts by year, so your kiddo will love looking back at their drawings to see how they grew as an artist.
    Get it from Toys to Grow on, $19.95
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  • Pan Organizer 5 of 11
    Pan Organizer
    No more rummaging through the entire cabinet for the right pan! This inexpensive and compact organizer from Rubbermaid will organize your pans and still leave room in the cabinet for more.
    Get it from Rubbermaid, $7.46
  • Lid Organizer 6 of 11
    Lid Organizer
    If you already have the pan organizer, you might as well get the lid organizer to match! Again, this pick from Rubbermaid is a space- and money-saver.
    Get it from Rubbermaid, $13.05
  • Makeup Storage 7 of 11
    Makeup Storage
    Wouldn't it be awesome to have a space that holds all of your makeup products just so? I love the organizers from Ikea because they are affordable and have all the little spaces I need to hold things flat or upright. Plus, since it's clear, it's guaranteed to match any drawer or cabinet!
    Get it from Ikea, $17.99
  • The Bagmate 8 of 11
    The Bagmate
    I got this as a gift, and it's one of my favorite products! A handbag organizer will keep your purse organized and makes it easy for you to change purses without forgetting anything.
    Get it from Big Cartel, $29.95
  • The Card Cubby 9 of 11
    The Card Cubby
    Reward cards and gift cards can overwhelm the wallet! Here's a way to keep them organized alphabetically and make sure you won't forget to use them.
    Get it from Card Cubby, $19.99
  • Greeting Card Holder 10 of 11
    Greeting Card Holder
    Plan ahead for holidays and birthdays by buying greeting cards in advance (and in bulk, to save you money!). Then simply file them away in this case to have on hand whenever you need one.
    Get it from The Container Store, $9.99
  • Household Organizer 11 of 11
    Household Organizer
    My biggest headache? Organizing important family documents. This starter pack from Lilypad makes it easy to keep track of bills, chores, shopping lists, and even your kids' allergies (for babysitters and caretakers). You can build upon a basic pack to make it as detailed or as simple as you like.
    Get it from The Lilypad, $8



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