11 Sensational Home Beauty Remedies

Are you in need of some R&R but can’t justify going to the salon? These 11 home beauty solutions will leave you feeling pretty and rejuvenated, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes!  So kick back, relax, and get ready to do some serious pampering!  Check out how…after the break

  • Spicy Sugar Scrub 1 of 11
    Spicy Sugar Scrub
    This sugar and spice scrub combines everything nice! Cloves, rose petals and orange zest leave your skin luxuriously exfoliated.
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  • Egg White Toner 2 of 11
    Egg White Toner
    Egg whites make your skin appear tighter and smoother, and with their high level of vitamin B2 they also improve circulation! Use a couple on that ultra-delicate under eye skin for a fresh faced look!
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  • Nourishing Hair Mask 3 of 11
    Nourishing Hair Mask
    It turns out that yogurt makes more than a delicious breakfast! Combine 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and 1 egg. Apply the mixture to your scalp after oiling and cleansing. Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water for super silky locks.
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  • Beach Waves 4 of 11
    Beach Waves
    This salty spray enhances natural waves and adds body to limp hair. Mix 2 teaspoons fine sea salt, 1 cup warm water, and 4 to 5 drops essential oil (such as grapefruit) in a reusable spray bottle. Shake well to dissolve salt. Spray on clean, well-conditioned damp hair. Run your fingers through to distribute, twisting sections of hair into ropes to further define waves. Let dry naturally, then run fingers through again to create loose, irregular ringlets. Enjoy your coveted beachy look!
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  • Face Massage 5 of 11
    Face Massage
    Facial massages are relaxing and provide circulation. For the best tips of the trade check out the link!
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  • Pineapple Puree 6 of 11
    Pineapple Puree
    This pineapple puree is perfect for softening those calloused feet. Simply puree 1 cup of fresh pineapple. Sitting with feet in a washbasin, massage the puree into soles, heels, and between toes After 7 to 10 minutes, rinse feet with warm water and dry those soft tingling feet!
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  • Carrot and Aloe Sunburn Remedy 7 of 11
    Carrot and Aloe Sunburn Remedy
    Soak up a little too much sun this weekend? This DIY remedy is a soothing way to provide relief for the redness.
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  • Teeth Whitener 8 of 11
    Teeth Whitener
    Not every one was blessed with perfect pearly whites, but adding some baking powder to a mushed up strawberry creates an all-natural berry paste that instantly brightens teeth!
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  • Homemade Deodorant 9 of 11
    Homemade Deodorant
    Some have claimed that this deodorant recipe repels odor more effectively than the store bought variety. For a complete tutorial check out the link!
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  • Sugaring (Hair Removal) 10 of 11
    Sugaring (Hair Removal)
    This hair removal solution leaves your skin softer and silkier than shaving or waxing. If you are up for experimenting this link has three different methods for a smooth hair-free body.
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  • Oatmeal Face Mask 11 of 11
    Oatmeal Face Mask
    Oatmeal is a nourishing way to sooth your face. The comforting fresh smell is a delicious added bonus!
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Do you have any home beauty recipes that you use? Share your idea with us in the comments!!


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