12 Amazing Winter-to-Summer Clothing Refashions

I’m not a big fan of having to replenish my wardrobe each season because it’s so costly! Yet I don’t want to wear the same stuff year after year — I mean, my goal is also to be somewhat stylish. I’ve found that the situation can easily be remedied with a few smart clothing refashions! There are some great ideas out there for taking winter clothing and reworking them into pieces perfect for warmer weather. And you don’t need to be a master seamstress, either! You’ll see that with some basic sewing skills and a little imagination, you can have several new outfits in your wardrobe for just a few bucks! Do you want to see what I’m talking about? Click through the slideshow to see some amazing winter-to-summer clothing refashions!

  • 12 Winter-to-summer Clothing Refashions 1 of 13
    12 Winter-to-Summer Clothing Refashions

    Click through the slideshow to see them!

  • Short-sleeved Vintage Blouse 2 of 13
    beige tee 5

    A baggy, long-sleeved vintage top gets summer-ready with the removal of the collar and sleeves.

    Learn more about it at Pearls and Scissors

  • Ruffled Bag 3 of 13
    2010-10-02 055[2]

    Have your favorite, well-worn winter pants seen better days, and there's nothing you can do to save them? Make them new again by sewing this cool ruffled bag.

    See how it was done at Made it On Monday

  • Seaside Dress 4 of 13

    A man's used dress shirt becomes a little girl's summer dress with the help of a sewing machine and some elastic thread.

    Find out how it was done at MADE

  • Floral Cardigan 5 of 13

    This plain yellow top could be stowed away with the rest of the winter clothes, or you could brighten it up for summer by sewing on some bright ribbon flowers. Voila, the perfect cardigan for cool nights on the beach!

    Get the how-to at Maybe Matilda

  • Men’s Shirt Dress 6 of 13

    An oversized, long-sleeve men's shirt is transformed into a fun and flirty ruffle tube dress that is perfect for warm weather.

    Get the instructions at Chic Steals

  • Mini Sweater Dress 7 of 13

    Sometimes it's hard to refashion a winter item because you don't have enough extra fabric. Solve that problem by turning adult winter clothes into summer children's clothes, like this cute short-sleeved dress by Ashley.

    See how she made it at Make It and Love It

  • Summer Jacket 8 of 13
    IMG_8252 copy

    A used winter fleece becomes a cute jacket for cool summer nights with the help of some denim and ruffles.

    Learn how it was done at Positively Splendid

  • Contrasting Shorts 9 of 13

    This is the greatest idea for pants, especially when the hem has gotten a little too short with multiple washings — turn them into shorts with an awesome contrasting fabric underneath!

    Get the instructions at Sisters, Sisters

  • Turtleneck Turned Tank 10 of 13

    Turtlenecks are great for keeping warm in winter, but when they go out of style, it's easy to give them a new lease on life by creating a pretty tank.

    Learn how to do it yourself at Make Home Make Sense

  • Scarf Sweater 11 of 13
    in the mirror

    A black sweater seems as plain as the sky on most winter days, but adding a colorful scarf makes that same sweater colorful and summer-ready.

    See how it was done at Tatertots & Jello

  • Sleeveless Polka Dot Blouse 12 of 13

    Are you tired of that long sleeve button-down? Turn those sleeves into bow ties on your new sleeveless blouse!

    Find out how it was done at Extra Petite

  • Sweater Satchel 13 of 13

    If those sweaters you can't part with get worn out or unstylish, never fear — you can turn them into a bag. Get creative by using a zippered sweater up top for the opening!

    Find out how at Like Mama Like Daughter

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