12 Creative Ways to Store Winter Clothes!

It’s the changing of the seasons … and unless you’re enjoying disproportionately spacious closets, you’re rotating your clothes for spring and summer. Away go the winter coats, wool, tights, and so forth. But where do you put it? How can you store out of season clothes so it’s both attractive and accessible?

Read on for 12 creative ways to store your clothes … after the break.

  • Use Old Comforter Packages as Storage 1 of 12
    Store clothes in old comforter packages, which will keep them dust-free and easily identifiable from the outside. You can probably even pick these up at the dollar store!
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  • Store in Mod-Podged Suitcases 2 of 12
    Eschew the plastic container for something with a bit more charm and personality: Mod-Podge old suitcases to fit your decor and taste!
    Learn more at A Beautiful Mess
  • Sliding Roof Storage 3 of 12
    Out of sight, out of mind: build some tracks at the top of your garage and slide storage containers in the tracks to keep coats and out-of-season clothes!
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  • Store Clothes in Stylish Storage Bins 4 of 12
    I love this under-stairs-storage idea, and coupled with the stylish storage bins, it's irresistible.
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  • Build a Storage Cubby Cabinet 5 of 12
    Build a cabinet and put plastic containers in it to hold out of season clothes, coats, blankets and other storage!
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  • Stylish Clothing Containers 6 of 12
    Don't feel like you have to buy plain plastic bins to store your clothes. Disguise the goods with stylish striped containers like these — ones you can confidently display in your home as decor, too!
    Learn more at The Container Store
  • Store Clothing Under Your Bed 7 of 12
    Give the dust bunnies some company ... and use that space under the bed for good, not evil. Baskets like these make clothes accessible while giving the bedroom a clean look.
    Learn more at Apartment Therapy
  • Hide Your Clothing in Ombre Duffel Containers 8 of 12
    What's more awesome than giant ombre? Store your clothing in these attractive duffels, which are trendy and practical.
    Learn more at The Container Store
  • Store Purses Out of Sight Behind Doors 9 of 12
    Store purses, hats or even out of season scarves behind any door with the Purse Rack. Place your favorite bags on display, or tuck them discreetly behind a closet door.
    Learn more at Jokari
  • Use Rolling Storage Bins 10 of 12
    A rolling storage bin makes it even easier to pack up out-of-season clothes and transport them to a different closet or location.
    Learn more at SkyMall
  • How to Make an Under-the-Bed Organizer 11 of 12
    Still inspired by the under-the-bed idea? Try this custom-made organizer project! This DIY includes snap-on covers to keep dust away from your duds.
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Store It In a Storage Box — Right Where You Need It 12 of 12
    Put out of season sweaters or blankets in a storage bench or two. Perfect to put at the end of a bed in a bedroom and keep the room's supplies where they'll be needed.
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How do you store your out-of-season clothes? Do you have any tips you can share? We would love to know. Tell me your ideas in the comments!!


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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