12 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money

Just because you want to save money, it doesn’t mean your life has to be boring. Here are 12 fun things to do instead of spending money.

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    12 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money
    A lot of times when we think about cutting back on spending we also think that means boredom is inevitable. Have no fear! Here are 12 things to do to help you have fun while your keeping your budget in check!
  • Silly Kittens 2 of 13
    Silly Kittens
    The internet is packed with cute animals. Watching kittens being silly is a sure-fire way to pass time and avoid spending money!
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  • New Food Combinations 3 of 13
    New Food Combinations
    Pretend that you're on a cooking show and see what kind of meals you can come up with while only using random items from your cupboards.
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  • Learn New Games 4 of 13
    Learn New Games
    Kids have a special way of being able to entertain themselves for hours on end with very simple games. Channel your inner child and make up a game or learn one you've always wanted to.
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  • Make Some Money and Have a Garage Sale 5 of 13
    Make Some Money and Have a Garage Sale
    The best thing to do when you don't want to spend money? Try to MAKE some! Gather up all that crap that's been collecting (you know the stuff), say farewell, and make a few bucks in the process.
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  • Make Appointments 6 of 13
    Make Appointments
    Take advantage of the extra time on your hands and tackle a few nagging tasks. While these aren't necessarily enjoyable things to do it does make the actual fun stuff that much better because those pesky tasks aren't hanging over your head.
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  • Take Advantage of Free Days 7 of 13
    Take Advantage of Free Days
    Every single city (just about) has free community activities, and it's just a matter of finding them. Seek and you will find.
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  • Try a New ‘Do 8 of 13
    Try a New 'Do
    Sometimes to get a burst of new life in your days you simply need a new look. This is the perfect time to test out some new hair do's. Try some styles you don't think you would like; you just might be surprised how much you like the look of a side ponytail, waterfall bangs, or a head full of curls.
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  • Graffiti Art Tour 9 of 13
    Graffiti Art Tour
    Alright, this one is for the avant garde, open-minded folks. Go to the gritty (but safe!) area of town that has some graffiti. While graffiti is often looked at as disrespectful and a nuisance (especially if it's on your property!) it can also be kind of beautiful too. There are people who consider the graffiti they create to be art.
  • Take a Walk 10 of 13
    Take a Walk
    Wander around your neighborhood as if you are new in town. See the houses, trees, and animals with a new set of eyes.
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  • Restock 11 of 13
    While this isn't the most fun tip on the list, if you tackle those chores you'll be able to enjoy the truly fun stuff when it happens.
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  • Relax 12 of 13
    If you're not spending money you might as well take a nap. Three cheers for naps!
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  • Daydream About Houses 13 of 13
    Daydream About Houses
    Looking at houses online that you can probably never afford is pretty fun.
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