13 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Most of us love Christmas trees. But maybe you want something different this year — a new take on the tradition. Or you’ll be traveling and don’t have time to put up a full tree. Perhaps your space is small and won’t accommodate a full tree. Or maybe — like our family — everyone loves Christmas trees so much they all want their own!

To inspire you this season, check out these 13 alternative tree ideas.

  • Wall Tree with Paper Ornaments 1 of 13
    Here's a cute tree for small rooms or just as an accent. Use lights (LED can avoid hot spots from incandescent bulbs) and plastic ornaments. Plus, it saves floor space!
    Learn how at Moms By Heart
  • Ladder Christmas Tree 2 of 13
    I'm a sucker for ladder-inspired decor, and this is a beautiful example. They've found a tall, narrow vintage ladder, and the added lights echo the Christmas tree shape and add a modern flair.
    Learn how at Inspire Bohemia
  • Ornament Christmas Tree 3 of 13
    Build a tree from ornaments: all frosting, no cake -- and that's a good thing! Check out how they've used different colors to get a different look. This would be a great way to use up those boxes of Ikea ornaments you bought on clearance after the holidays!
    Learn how at Not Martha
  • Book Christmas Tree 4 of 13
    For the studious, libraries, or just those who love a good book. They've used what looks like multiple copies of the same book or multiple volumes in a green-bound series to achieve this unique look.
    Learn how at Donaldist on Flickr
  • Light Tree 5 of 13
    Build a beautiful lawn decoration -- without inflation or detailed construction. My vote's still for LED lights -- they save electricity, money and are friendlier to the environment.
    Learn how at Cox & Cox
  • Board Christmas Tree 6 of 13
    Put those scraps to good use with a shabby-chic wall tree. All you need is scrap wood -- maybe some leftover spray paint -- plus a saw and some nice handmade ornaments as accents.
    Learn how at wood & wool stool on Flickr
  • Post-It Note Tree 7 of 13
    The office trend is Post-It wall decorations -- and now you can bring that look home. Turn your kids looks or just work on your own creative approach. It's easy to build, easy to remove.
    Learn how at Bright Bazaar
  • Tree Branch Christmas Tree 8 of 13
    I love the organic form of three tree branch with the cool elegance of the silver ornaments. This mixes the classic tree form with a more geometric touch -- and is a great accent for any room.
    Learn how at Apartment Therapy
  • Shelf Christmas Tree 9 of 13
    Build this and feature keepsakes or other pretty seasonal items. Note how the key is a repeated simple form with variations.
    Learn how at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Frame Tree 10 of 13
    Frame the things that are important to you -- in a shape that echoes the classic Christmas tree. You might choose typography, kids' drawings, Christmas cards -- or whatever you like, in varying sizes, shapes and colors.
    Learn how at CB2
  • Tomato Cage Christmas Tree 11 of 13
    Put those tomato cages to work while it's too cold to grow them. I've created a tomato cage tree to hold Christmas cards, but I love the light and airy look of this. Don't skimp on the minilights!
    Learn how at New England Design and Construction
  • Christmas Tree on Craft Paper 12 of 13
    Here's a pretty DIY approach. Look at the details: the craft paper is straightforward, but the fun and detailed white tree outline is unique, as is the "star." Get some little helpers to attach ornaments with adhesive.
    Learn how at Poppy Talk
  • Card-Holding Tree Branch Christmas Tree 13 of 13
    Feature your Christmas cards on this pretty tree. As with the previous branch project, this can be used as a standalone tree in a room or simply as an accent, but either way it's a nice way to add some natural forms to the project.
    Learn how at Martha Stewart

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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