13 Bright DIY Lampshades

If your home is in need of a quick update, look towards your lighting!  It’s not difficult to revamp that boring basic lampshade, so shed a little light with these illuminating solutions!

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  • Fish Scale Pendant Lamp 1 of 13
    Fish Scale Pendant Lamp
    This incredible lamp adds beautiful texture and a laid-back beachy vibe. Despite the gorgeous end result, this pendant is deceptively simple; it can be completed in an afternoon and for less than $20.
    Learn more at Design Sponge
  • Doily Covered Lampshade 2 of 13
    Doily Covered Lampshade
    If you've found a beautiful lamp, but its shade is in tatters, then pull out those old doilies and get working! This fun project adds just the right measure of tasteful charm to any space.
    Learn more at A Beautiful Mess
  • Balsa Wood Shade 3 of 13
    Balsa Wood Shade
    With such a tailored end result, it is hard to believe that this inspired project consists of little more than balsa wood and a glue gun. Let there be light!
    Learn more at Pomp and Circumstance
  • Ombre Pendant shade 4 of 13
    Ombre Pendant shade
    This is a fabulous way to incorporate the ombre effect in to your home. Be sure to use translucent fabric so a generous amount of light shines through!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Globe Pendant 5 of 13
    Globe Pendant
    This incredibly easy project is the perfect addition to an office, a kid's room or anywhere else in need of a taste of wander-lust. An added bonus: cutting the world in half gives you two lamps in one go. Oh Yeah!
    Learn more at Oregon Live
  • Yarn Lampshade 6 of 13
    Yarn Lampshade
    This wonderfully crisscrossed lamp simultaneously appears festive and simple. For an added measure of whimsy, use an assortment of colored strands.
    Learn more at Pickles
  • Decorate the Base 7 of 13
    Decorate the Base
    Love your lampshade but find that its base is in need of some tender loving care? Try using a permanent marker to dress it up with doodles! Start at the top and make your way down for best results.
    Learn more at BHG
  • Use Ribbons 8 of 13
    Use Ribbons
    This beautiful woven pattern is easier than it looks! Stripes or a chevron design would also be simple ways to revamp a basic shade with ribbon.
    Learn more at Midwest Living
  • Carnival Marquee Letters 9 of 13
    Carnival Marquee Letters
    These happy letters are an enchanting way to add a bit of festivity to a room! Pair them with stripes and bright colors to capitalize on their carnival-like quality.
    Learn more at Ruffled
  • Birch Bark Lamps 10 of 13
    Birch Bark Lamps
    The Earthy quality of these pendants make them an ideal way to bring a natural ambiance to your home.
    Learn more at Ruffled
  • Ping Pong Pendant 11 of 13
    Ping Pong Pendant
    The game of Ping-Pong has never looked cuter! Spray paint Ping-Pong balls for a bubbly light fixture that is sure to elicit smiles.
    Learn more at Poppy Talk
  • Paper Lanterns 12 of 13
    Paper Lanterns
    These Lovely chandeliers are so soft, lady-like and easy to make. These whimsical pendants are a delightful way to spruce up a bare corner or two.
    Learn more at Ruffled
  • Paper Scrap Light 13 of 13
    Paper Scrap Light
    This genius DIY dress up costs pennies! Simply glue paper scraps in an artichoke shape on to an old lantern. Viola!
    Learn more at Design Sponge

Have you ever revamped a lamp? Share your project with us in the comments!


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