13 DIY Water Toys for Kids to Make a Splash This Summer

It’s hot this summer and time to cool off with a little water fun.

With so many creative ideas out there for homemade water toys, I think with just a few supplies we could create something fun and fabulous for our own backyard. Like this water wall pictured above by Tinkerlab. I’ve a few recycled materials I could add to this easy!

So I’ve been searching around to see what we could make ourselves and here are 13 splash-tastic ideas you can make yourself for a little kiddie time water fun.

  • Waterfall Water Wall 1 of 12
    Waterfall Water Wall
    Get out all your buckets, jars, cans, and old hoses to set up this fun waterfall.
    Get the instructions over at Playing by the Book.
  • Water Blob Tutorial 2 of 12
    Water Blob Tutorial
    This is just like jumping on mom and dad's waterbed. This tutorial will show you how to make a big water blob for your backyard.
    Get the instructions over at Clumsy Crafter.
  • PVC Water Pipe Fun 3 of 12
    PVC Water Pipe Fun
    A quick trip to the home improvement store will get you all set up to create a fun water pipe sprinkler.
    Get the instructions over at Classy Clutter.
  • Floating Toy Boat Sponges 4 of 12
    Floating Toy Boat Sponges
    These sponge boats are perfect to float around in your backyard pool. You can even add a few plastic toy characters to each to help man the ship.
    Get the instructions over at Make and Takes.
  • Cool Off Construction Zone 5 of 12
    Cool Off Construction Zone
    Giant PVC pipes are constructed together to create a child's sprinkler dream. No need to pay for the waterpark.
    Get the instructions over at Family Fun.
  • Wet Water Sponges 6 of 12
    Wet Water Sponges
    Sponges and zip ties create these super wet water sponges. They are great for a toss game.
    Get the instructions over at Make and Takes.
  • Water Balloon Pinata 7 of 12
    Water Balloon Pinata
    Now this is a birthday pinata that kids will LOVE. It maybe not be filled with candy, but a fun water bath is just as good for a fun summer water party.
    Get the instructions over at Ziggity Zoom.
  • Deluxe Kid’s 8 of 12
    Deluxe Kid's
    Get the kids clean as they play with this fun kid's "car" wash. With sponges, buckets and water, they'll have fun "getting" clean.
    Get the instructions over at Family Fun.
  • Washcloth Pom Pom Sponges 9 of 12
    Washcloth Pom Pom Sponges
    These wet washcloths pack a powerful water punch as they are soaked in water and tossed at a target.
    Get the instructions over at Make and Takes.
  • DIY Plastic Bottle Sprinkler 10 of 12
    DIY Plastic Bottle Sprinkler
    Add a few holes to a recycled water bottle and you've got yourself a quick and easy sprinkler.
    Get the instructions over at Childhood 101.
  • Ice and Water Science 11 of 12
    Ice and Water Science
    It's time for a few science experiments with water and ice, perfect for a hot summer day.
    Get the instructions over at Happy Hooligans.
  • Freeze Toy Fun 12 of 12
    Freeze Toy Fun
    Freeze your children's water safe toys in ice and let them have fun watching it melt in the sun or the mini pool.
    Get the instructions over at Tinkerlab.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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