14 Beautiful and Inexpensive Dinner Plates (Hello, Family Dinner!)

Don’t you just love these zoo scenes from God-knows-when? Makes you want to get to the end of your meatloaf just to oogle the zebra. I found these reproduction Spode plates when my husband and I moved into our first house for about $5 a piece.

I still get a lot of joy out of using them, and you know what? We serve up grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup to our littlest ones on these plates because, why shouldn’t children enjoy beauty too? If they break, we’ll buy new ones.

Don’t like my taste in plates? I’ve rounded up 14 more lovely yet cheap dinner dishes. And I’ll tell you now: only one is made of plastic, several cost only one dollar, and all (but one) you can buy with a click. Here goes!

  • Turin 1 of 14
    Don't you love this eggplant color? This ceramic stoneware with a translucent glaze is at Z Gallerie; $23.96 for 4.
  • Royal Norfolk Contemporary White 2 of 14
    Royal Norfolk Contemporary White
    You are not going to believe the price on this one. $1! Yup, if you buy 8, you get these white square stoneware plates for a buck at Dollar Tree. Same deal for clear glass plates.
  • Margarita 3 of 14
    I love these hand-painted flowers in red and black. Reminds me of old Europe. $4.99 at Pfaltzgraff.
  • Lotus 4 of 14
    Something so peaceful about these speckled pearlescent plates with wavy edges. What's better? They're on sale for $3.95 at Anthropologie.
  • Mexicali 5 of 14
    I love the festive feel of these hand-painted dishes. Because they're made of ironstone, they're supposedly almost indestructible. Great for kids -- or tequila parties... The dinner plates are $7 at Pier 1.
  • Bianca 6 of 14
    The only melamine plate I included in the line-up, because I couldn't resist that gloss-over-linen look in deep purple. Plus they're on sale for $2.95 at Crate & Barrel.
  • Terrain 7 of 14
    Oh so hip ovoid shapes with a matte finish underside. The white dinner plates look great, as you see, stacked with dishes in other irregular shapes. $5.95 at CB2.
  • Reactive 8 of 14
    I knew I would find something good at Target. Too bad the Thomas O'Brian 'Blue' collection is unavailable, but I love the rustic yet Asian-sophisticate look on these stoneware plates. Set of 4 for $19.99.
  • Maribeth 9 of 14
    These cheerful plates would look great on a white tablecloth, or with no tablecloth at all (as at chez moi). Love those raised borders. $6 at Pier 1.
  • Royal Norfolk Blue Striped 10 of 14
    Royal Norfolk Blue Striped
    I had to include another dollar store selection because, yes, they're only a buck. They come in red spiral too. $1 at Dollar Tree if you buy 8.
  • Green Poppy 11 of 14
    Green Poppy
    So whimsical and romantic. Obviously they'd look great with anything pink. I'd love to keep these around just for tea parties. 4 for $27.99 at Overstock.
  • Essential Colours 12 of 14
    Essential Colours
    These plates also come in yellow, green, and red, but I thought the ivory was so creamy. Just begs to be slathered with food. On sale at Pier 1 for $4.50.
  • Classic Blue Fish 13 of 14
    Classic Blue Fish
    You don't have to serve seafood to love these simple, timeless plates in china blue. $5.50 at Pearl River.
  • Mismatched Vintage Plates 14 of 14
    Mismatched Vintage Plates
    Collecting plates like these beauties from yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets would make for some fun (and low-damage) shopping. Image: First Ever

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