14 Beauty-ful Uses For Vaseline


Okay, do me a favor and run in your bathroom and tell me if you have a tub of Vaseline on hand. Oh, you do? Yeah, I thought you might. Now do me a favor and tell me what you use it for. Like, everything? Hey, me too!

I was just running through a list in my head of all of the surprising things Vaseline can accomplish in a pinch. Such as, Vaseline has always been my go-to cold sore cure, and it’s also pretty handy for clearing up mild diaper rash. (I promise I do not use the same tub for these two applications!) But have you ever tried to use Vaseline as a supplement to your make up and beauty routine?

I am always on the lookout for inexpensive drugstore products that simplify my life and make my big splurges work better, and Vaseline (along with a good set of Q-Tips and probably also baby powder) is one of those drugstore purchases that fulfill so many needs it’s almost comical. (If you find drugstore purchases funny? Which, I don’t know, just go with it.)

After the jump, I’ve compiled 15 ways you can use Vaseline in your beauty routine that you may not have thought of! I hope you enjoy it!

Make Your Perfume Last Longer 1 of 14
Rub a small amount Vaseline on pressure points and other areas where you typically apply perfume to give your scents extra staying power.
Image Credit This is Glamorous
Make Any Blush A Cream Blush 2 of 14
Mix your favorite powder brush (or a bit of your favorite lip stick) in some vaseline for an instant cream blush. Bonus: you control the color potency!
Image Credit Classy & Fabulous
DIY Flavorful Lip Gloss 3 of 14
Guess what: it involves powdered Kool Aid!
Image Credit Meet the Dubiens
Salvage Old Lip Sticks 4 of 14
It's often heart breaking when we get to the last stubs of our favorite lip sticks. If you can't bear to be parted from your best color, mix the ends with Vaseline to get a few extra uses out of it.
Image Credit The Glitter Guide
Temporarily Hide Split Ends 5 of 14
Just a slight amount of Vaseline on dry, angry ends will keep hair looking its best until you can see your stylist for a trim!
Image Credit Polyvore
Ultra-Moisturizing Post-Shave Lotion 6 of 14
Know what's fun? Silky smooth legs. Know what's not? Razor burn. Vaseline to the rescue!
Image Credit Tumblr
More Natural Mascara 7 of 14
A little Vaseline on your fingertip smudged along the lash line will give your natural lashes a glossy boost for day-time looks.
Image Credit Real Simple
Cure Your Dry, Cracked Feet 8 of 14
Apply Vaseline to dry feet generously, then cover up in your coziest socks for the night. When you wake you'll hardly recognize those puppies!
Image Credit Flickr
Cleaner Manicures 9 of 14
Apply Vaseline to the cuticle area before a manicure to keep the nail polish on your nail beds where it belongs!
Image Credit Lyndar the Merciless
Make a Body Scrub 10 of 14
Add some flaky sea salt to your Vaseline for an instant body scrub! (Toss in some essential oils while you're at it why don't you?)
mage Credit The Cook's Thesaurus
Exfoliate Your Lips 11 of 14
For this one you'll want sugar.
Image Credit Real Simple
Remove Red Lipstick 12 of 14
Smother your red lips in Vaseline then remove with clean tissues or bath towel.
Image Credit We Heart It
Apply as a Highlighter 13 of 14
You can spend upwards of $40 for a really good highlighting cream, or you could just use Vaseline. Apply to the brow bone, along the nose, above the cupids bow of your lips, and in the inner corner of your eyes. Presto! Don't you look refreshed?
Image Credit Ayetah
Smooth a Ponytail 14 of 14
Tame fly aways and give extra glamour to your sleek ponytail. Remember, when working with hair, a very little Vaseline goes a very long way.
Image Credit All Women Stalk


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