14 Cool Spring Crafts for Kids

Looking for something to do now that spring has sprung? Celebrate springtime with these 14 fabulous kid crafts!

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  • Spare Glove Bear 2 of 15
    Chances are, at the end of winter you probably end up with a poor lonely matchless glove. This year help your kiddo turn that sad little spare into an adorable stuffed animal!
    Learn more at Little Bit Funky
  • Driftwood Monsters 3 of 15
    Enjoy the warming weather by going on a nature walk! Gather interesting sticks or stones to turn into a creative creature.
    Learn more at Parenting
  • Grow a Grass Head 4 of 15
    Create your own flowerpot man with some wheat grass and a nylon!
    Learn more at Red Ted Art
  • Easter Egg Maracas 5 of 15
    After Easter it may feel like you're swimming in plastic eggs. Turn them into colorful musical instruments for a fun way to recycle and reuse!
    Learn more at Made
  • Mini Gardens 6 of 15
    Does your little one have a green thumb? Help them plant their own tiny terrarium!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Veggie Stamps 7 of 15
    Looking for a fun art project? Help your kids create fun patterns out of veggie stamps.
    Learn more at A Subtle Revery
  • Paint a Plain Tote 8 of 15
    Jazz up a simple bag with cute springtime images.
    Learn more at Parenting
  • Stick Letters 9 of 15
    Gather twigs to spell out your kiddos name, then decorate them to your hearts content!
    Learn more at Parenting
  • Build Your Own Bird’s Nest 10 of 15
    Gathering sticks and twigs to create your own birds nest is a fun way to get your little one into the great outdoors!
    Learn more at Whatever
  • Painted Pasta 11 of 15
    Creative pasta creations are a fun and inexpensive activity.
    Learn more at Agus Yornet
  • DIY Bird Feeder 12 of 15
    Spend an afternoon creating your own sweet bird feeders in fun shapes!
    Learn more at Little Inspiration
  • Flower Power 13 of 15
    Celebrate springtimes new buds with these cute DIY flowers.
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Painted Rocks 14 of 15
    Create a rock friend or an entire rock family by painting interesting stones.
    Learn more at Inner Child Fun
  • Chalk Paint 15 of 15
    Celebrate the sunshine by getting outside and using this fun chalk paint!
    Learn more at Domestic Charm

Do YOU have a super spring craft idea?

Let us know in the comments!


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