14 Fixes for an Ugly Fridge

Ancient and yellowing refrigerators are sometimes an unavoidable reality, whether you rent or own. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Paint, wallpaper, and, for those with a bit of a budget, cabinet panels, are all options to spruce up an eyesore fridge.

If you’re on the hunt for fridge ideas, here are 14 solutions, ranging from making the fridge a big fabulous focal point to making it blend in completely!

  • Orla Kiely wallpaper 1 of 14
    THIS fridge was wallpapered in an Orla Kiely pattern! You can buy similar patterns HERE.
  • Green chalkboard paint 2 of 14
    I love the idea of using chalkboard paint on a fridge, especially this classic green chalkboard from Country Home magazine.
  • Black chalkboard paint 3 of 14
    THIS fridge with black chalkboard paint looks fantastic in that kitchen!
  • Floral wallpaper 4 of 14
    NICK OLSEN'S wallpapered fridge from Domino is always a favorite!
  • Red paint 5 of 14
    THIS fridge came with panels to match cabinetry, but the owners opted for color!
  • Cork board 6 of 14
    I'm so into the cork board on this fridge from Martha Stewart!
  • Painted polka dots 7 of 14
    How about polka dots like THIS?
  • Geometric wallpaper 8 of 14
    THIS wallpapered fridge is another genius DIY by Nick Olsen.
  • Contact paper 9 of 14
    THIS fridge's pattern is all contact paper!
  • Patterned wallpaper 10 of 14
    THIS wallpapered fridge is amazing!! Would definitely look best in an otherwise neutral kitchen.
  • Orange lacquer 11 of 14
    So THIS FRIDGE isn't a DIY fix, but hey, it's another way to cover up your fridge -- seamlessly with you cabinetry!
  • Red cabinet panels 12 of 14
    THIS fridge combines cabinet panels and chalkboards, brilliant!
  • Chic hardware 13 of 14
    THIS paneled fridge is kicked up a notch with great hardware!
  • Reclaimed wood 14 of 14
    THIS fridge blends perfectly with the rest of the reclaimed wood cabinets!

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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