14 iPhone Cases I Crave!

I love custom iPhone cases and I had an awesome one with my initials on it … until I upgraded my phone. Now I’m on the hunt for a new one — and I thought I’d share my favorite discoveries with you! ¬†Etsy is a great resource for all things unique and creative, so naturally it was the first place I looked for stylish iPhone case designs and inspiration.

Here are 14 of my favorites:

  • Moustache iPhone Case 1 of 14
    Moustache iPhone Case
    Who doesn't need a handy disguise when surreptitiously snapping inspiration shots in a store? And this will complement any fancy office decor.
    Learn more at Etsy: Touchsoul
  • One for the Dads 2 of 14
    One for the Dads
    Here's one you can give to your favorite dad, or just slip it on his phone. Make sure everyone knows!
    Learn more at Etsy: KustomizMe
  • Love iPhone Case 3 of 14
    Love iPhone Case
    I love the colors in this and the following case ... I love being able to match my phone to my office and house decor, and this of-the-moment turquoise fits the bill.
    Learn more at Etsy: ChristineMarieB
  • Wide Stripe iPhone Case 4 of 14
    Wide Stripe iPhone Case
    Didn't anyone tell this case that horizontal stripes aren't slimming? Regardless, I love the nautical-inspired stripes and colors that perfectly match my office!
    Learn more at Etsy: ChristineMarieB
  • Tangerine Lace Monogrammed iPhone Case 5 of 14
    Tangerine Lace Monogrammed iPhone Case
    You've customized your home decor -- why not customize your phone case to match --and with your initials too!
    Learn more at Etsy: ToGildTheLily
  • Big Polka Dot Case 6 of 14
    Big Polka Dot Case
    Get a bold case that complements or contrasts with your home decor with these big, bright polka dots and colors.
    Learn more at Etsy: NapPage
  • Handmade Wooden iPhone Case 7 of 14
    Handmade Wooden iPhone Case
    Find yourself using your phone as a camera more often than not? Then try this cute, handmade (!) wooden case to show it off -- and make it a conversation piece around your home too!
    Learn more at Etsy: EliciaJo
  • Multiple Moustaches iPhone Case 8 of 14
    Multiple Moustaches iPhone Case
    What's better than one moustache? A variety of them to fit your whimsy!
    Learn more at Etsy: RabbitSmile
  • Vintage Ticket iPhone Case 9 of 14
    Vintage Ticket iPhone Case
    My husband would love these cases -- from a small producer on Etsy, and they bring back your favorite concert experiences! (Where's my Duran Duran '83 ticket?)
    Learn more at Etsy: CaseGarage
  • Chevron iPhone Cases 10 of 14
    Chevron iPhone Cases
    The angle of these cool chevron cases -- just enough to hint at the chevron pattern -- is distinctive. And, again, the colors will nicely match your decor!
    Learn more at Etsy: PinkOasis2
  • Have Your Own Photo Made into an iPhone Case 11 of 14
    Have Your Own Photo Made into an iPhone Case
    Make any pic into a cute case!
    Learn more at Etsy: ToGildTheLily
  • Keep Calm and Snap On Case 12 of 14
    Keep Calm and Snap On Case
    Who doesn't want to do that? Remind yourself with this cute green case.
    Learn more at Etsy: KeepCalmCaseOn
  • Coral Chevron iPhone Case 13 of 14
    Coral Chevron iPhone Case
    I love coral. I love chevron. Thus and QED, I love this case. And it matches my house!
    Learn more at Etsy: ChristineMarieB
  • Adorable Whale iPhone Case 14 of 14
    Adorable Whale iPhone Case
    There's always room for cute. Check out these whales!
    Learn more at Etsy: ADropofGoldenSun

Which one do YOU like?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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