14 Rad Projects Using Vinyl

Sometimes I feel like vinyl gets a bad rap. Don’t you think so? I think so. Sometimes vinyl projects are downright cheesy, and why should they have to be? Vinyl is rad! After all, vinyl is the medium of Hendrix! Morrison! And the Beatles!

Vinyl crafts aren’t all just inspirational messages stuck to living room walls. There’s a whole host of other really fun projects you can do using this waterproof fabric. I’ve collected a few after the jump.

  • Vinyl-Covered Bench 1 of 14
    Recovering a piece of furniture in what is essentially the easiest fabric to keep clean in the entire Universe is really pretty genius, don't you think?
    Visit the tutorial at Angel Babies, Paint and Cookies
  • Vinyl Pencil Case 2 of 14
    How cute is this?
    Found at Momtastic
  • Oilcloth Shopper 3 of 14
    So, technically this isn't a DIY. But surely there are those among us who can DIY this anyway. And then they could feel free to mail one to me. You know, if they wanted to. 😉
    Buy it at Boden
  • Oilcloth Table Cloth 4 of 14
    The beauty behind this DIY is it actually adheres TO THE TABLE. In a farmhouse kitchen? Amazing.
    Found at Oilcloth Addict
  • Vinyl Tape Flooring 5 of 14
    Tape! This is done entirely with vinyl tape!
    Found at Grosgain
  • Lunch Bag 6 of 14
    The beauty of oilcloth is you can wipe that peanut butter smear right off!
    Found at Martha Stewart
  • Baby Apron 7 of 14
    They call it a "bapron." I call it adorable. (Sew in a front-pocket and you can also call it genius.)
    Get the tutorial at Oilcloth Addict
  • Chalk Cloth Lunch Bag 8 of 14
    I had never heard of chalk cloth before researching this article, but apparently it's a member of the vinyl fabric family. Just think of the possibilities here!
    Found at Instructables
  • Vinyl Mustache Bib 9 of 14
    My baby needs this in his life in a bad way.
    Found at I am momma, hear me roar
  • Vinyl Mirror Ghost 10 of 14
    Now, this is what vinyl decals were made for!
    Found at Thrifty Decor Chick
  • His and Hers Frosted Vinyl 11 of 14
    Found at eighteen25
  • Vinyl Floor Mats 12 of 14
    Slide one of these suckers under the crafts or dining table and you never need to worry about spills or messes again.
    Get the tutorial at Hayestone
  • Chalk Cloth-Covered Table 13 of 14
    Too amazing even for words.
    Found at A Stylist's Life
  • Vinyl-Covered Journal 14 of 14
    Wouldn't this make a perfect personalized gift or party favor?
    Found at Notes From A Very Red Kitchen


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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