14 Terrific Toy Organization Projects!

Whether your space is large or small, nothing makes it seem smaller than kids’ toys scattered all over the house. And nothing’s more frustrating than trying to keep it all picked up.

Try these terrific toy organization ideas — I’ve found 14 of them — to help keep toys corralled and make cleanup time less painful! Check them out after the break!

  • Rolling Wooden Crates 1 of 14
    Rolling Wooden Crates
    Re-purpose these vintage crates into rolling toy carts. A nice coat of stain and sealer ... and you've got easy cleanup time.
    Learn more at Apartment Therapy
  • Bookshelf with Labeled Buckets 2 of 14
    Bookshelf with Labeled Buckets
    Keep everyone's supplies and treasures in the right place with these cute buckets. I've seen similar buckets at stores like Target or the dollar store!
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Glass Kitchen Bins 3 of 14
    Glass Kitchen Bins
    Keep an eye on your storage with these transparent toy holders! Perfect for little odds and ends.
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  • DIY Over-the-Door Storage Bags 4 of 14
    DIY Over-the-Door Storage Bags
    You can use off-the-shelf shoe holders or similar -- but these over-the-door storage bags are easy to make and you can make them to measure!
    Learn more at Craftzine
  • DIY Peek-a-Boo Storage Bags 5 of 14
    DIY Peek-a-Boo Storage Bags
    Keep track of what's inside your storage bags by creating a window to sneak a peek through!
    Learn more at Make it Perfect
  • Wire Garden Baskets on the Wall 6 of 14
    Wire Garden Baskets on the Wall
    Just because it's in the garden section at the store doesn't mean it has to be used outside. Put books, cuddly toys, or whatever's used frequently on the wall near where it's frequently used!
    Learn more at Apartment Therapy
  • Upcycled Bookshelf with Galvanized Buckets 7 of 14
    Upcycled Bookshelf with Galvanized Buckets
    Don't throw away old bookshelves; make new use of them. Then pair them with these industrial chic galvanized buckets -- complete with chalkboard labels!
    Learn more at Random Thoughts of a Supermom
  • Paint Wooden Bins with Chalkboard Paint 8 of 14
    Paint Wooden Bins with Chalkboard Paint
    Wooden bins are great for organization. And this idea for creating mini chalkboard labels makes them even more useful!
    Learn more at Kid Space Stuff
  • Keep Toys Organized with Easy DIY Paint Chip Labels 9 of 14
    Keep Toys Organized with Easy DIY Paint Chip Labels
    What to do with those colorful paint chip samples? Don't throw them away -- use them as the background for cute words-and-pictures labels to help kids keep it organized.
    Learn more at Being Brook
  • Use Ikea Shelves and Bins to Corral Toys 10 of 14
    Use Ikea Shelves and Bins to Corral Toys
    Ikea: the organizational capital. Don't miss these inexpensive bins -- and keep them organized in Ikea's shelves custom-made to keep the bins upright and easy to access.
    Learn more at Teal and Lime
  • Transform Old Diaper Boxes into Toy Bins 11 of 14
    Transform Old Diaper Boxes into Toy Bins
    If you have had one (or more) in diapers, you've had extra diaper boxes. Lots of them. Put them to good use -- and make them attractive with this clever canvas cover. And they're toy bins, which makes them extra awesome.
    Learn more at Positively Splendid
  • DIY Storage Wall Bins 12 of 14
    DIY Storage Wall Bins
    I love the antique, vintage, upcycled look of these DIY wall bins. Use them for toys, books, or any debris the offspring create.
    Learn more at remodelaholic
  • DIY Chalkboard Bins 13 of 14
    DIY Chalkboard Bins
    These crate-like bins are cute, bright, and customizable with the chalkboard labels. Plus, paint them to fit your decor!
    Learn more at Lemonade Makin' Mama
  • Under-the-Bed Wheeled Toy Storage 14 of 14
    Under-the-Bed Wheeled Toy Storage
    Under the bed storage is great when you can get into it. I l love that the wheels evoke toy cars, and the bright colors brighten up cleanup time!
    Learn more at Homemade Simple

Do you have any toy organizing tips you can share?? Share YOUR ideas in the comments!!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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