15 Amazingly Creative And Cool Kids Parties


There are few things that I love more than a rad kids’ party. A super cool and creative party that is custom made for the kids. I love it! Here are 15 amazingly creative and cool kids parties to get ideas from or just flat out copy!

  • Number Balloons 1 of 15
    This is the perfect solution for a low budget. Blow up some balloons and stick them to the wall in the shape of their age or their first initial. They will love it!
    See more here on Martha Stewart.
  • Neon! 2 of 15
    This whole party is amazing. Everything neon and beautifully done. They even had playhouses for all the kids to play in!
    See more here on 100 Layer Cakelet.
  • Rockin’ 3 of 15
    Have a rocker in the family? Throw them this adorable rock and roll party complete with cardboard instruments and stage.
    See more here on Escara Bajos Bichos Y Mariposas.
  • Bohemian 4 of 15
    This party has so many beautiful elements, it was hard to pick a single image! I love the handmade feel of this party. So beautiful.
    See more here on 100 Layer Cakelet.
  • Simple + Neutral 5 of 15
    I am in love with this image. Simple home made hobby horses for the littles to run around with. Add a few snacks and some cake and you're done.
    See more here on Susanna Vento.
  • Candy Necklace Trim 6 of 15
    If you just need a little fun detail for your party, try this candy necklace trim for the table. But be careful the little ones don't eat all your decor!
    See more here on Martha Stewart.
  • Frilly 7 of 15
    An absolutely beautiful and girly frilly party. Can someone throw me a party that looks this good? Please?
    See more here on Little Sooti.
  • Black + White 8 of 15
    It doesn't seem very kid like at first, but trust me, kids love it! It makes any color stand out and seem more fun.
    See more here on Design For Mankind.
  • Cookies + Milk 9 of 15
    Throw a simple milk and cookies party! This idea of the cookies acting as a lid is genius. Simple, but genius.
    See more here on 4 men 1 Lady.
  • Labeled Toppings Table 10 of 15
    I love parties where there is a table dedicated to toppings of some kind. Try labeling everything by using a paper table cloth.
    See more here on Bakers Royal.
  • Candy Land 11 of 15
    How fun is this? I love all the colors and turning the candy into different games.
    See more here on Apartment Therapy.
  • Girly Circus 12 of 15
    Usually circus parties are for boys. Typical red striped tent, some lions and a ring master. How about this girly one? I am in love.
    See more here on Best Day Ever Photo.
  • Farm 13 of 15
    Forget the cowboys, just give me a farm! Kids absolutely love the idea of planing, growing and picking their own fruits and veggies. This would be really fun to attend!
    See more here on Apartment Therapy.
  • Party Animals 14 of 15
    Go simple with the decorations and make some mini hats for your various animals and other toys.
    See more here on Oh Happy Day.
  • Number Pinatas! 15 of 15
    Again, kids love seing their number everywhere. Make this rad pinata and let the kids go wild!
    See more here on Oh Happy Day.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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