15 Amazingly Useful Ways to Reuse Wine Corks

I am so excited to display my new gift on the wall! How gorgeous is that?

My sister-in-law made the Pinterest-inspired wine cork monogram for me this Christmas. It is so creative and gorgeous — a perfect way to reuse all those wine corks.

I’ve just been amazed at all the clever, useful ways to upcycle wine corks. I have always saved them. Both because I just can’t stand to add to the landfills and because each one is so fun & unique, I hate to get rid of it.

So, I’m thrilled to discover so many great ways to put them to use. Here are 15 more wine cork projects:

  • Backsplash 1 of 15
    I don't think I have quite enough wine corks for this one, but I love it so much that I may just have to drink more wine...
    Wine cork backsplash tutorial at Pandora's Box
  • Bath Mat 2 of 15
    Bath Mat
    Here's another project that will take quite a few wine corks, but I think this would feel so good on my feet after my nightly bubble bath.
    Wine cork bath mat tutorial at Crafty Nest
  • Bulletin Board 3 of 15
    Bulletin Board
    A homemade cork board. Why didn't I think of that?
    Wine cork bulletin board tutorial at Young House Love
  • Cabinet Silencer 4 of 15
    Cabinet Silencer
    This is completely brilliant — a slice of wine cork is all you need to keep the cabinets from banging closed all day long.
    Wine cork cabinet silencers at Real Simple
  • Coasters 5 of 15
    These coasters are so beautifully simple. Plus, they would be pretty absorbent under a sweating glass.
    Wine cork coasters tutorial at Heartmade Blog
  • Garden Markers 6 of 15
    Garden Markers
    A wine cork on a bamboo skewer is all you'll need to label plants in your next garden. The best ideas are sometimes the simplest.
    Wine coaster garden markers via My Chic Life
  • Journaling 7 of 15
    I already mark our champagne corks when we celebrate something important. It would be fun to start writing a small memory on each wine cork. They can be displayed in vases, jars, and candle holders.
    Wine cork journaling via at Mintage Home
  • Keychain 8 of 15
    Carry your wine cork memories on a keychain. The only thing you'll need is a keyring and screw eyes — so simple!
    Keychain tutorial at Cleverly Inspired
  • Kids’ Art Gallery 9 of 15
    Kids' Art Gallery
    I love this simple wine cork strip for displaying kids' artwork! I think I'll add one in the girls' toy room for their use.
    Bulletin Bar tutorial at Family Fun
  • Magnets 10 of 15
    Can you ever really have enough magnets? Simply add attach a magnet to a wine cork, and tack to the fridge!
    Wine cork magnets via Make the Best of Everything
  • Pens 11 of 15
    Drill a hole through a few wine corks, then insert a pen. It would be perfect for a bartender — a nice, memorable way to be sure your pens don't go missing with credit card customers.
    Wine cork pens tutorial at Paper, Plate and Plane
  • Stampers 12 of 15
    Carve the tip of a wine cork to create stamps — this is a fun way to create art or teach children about letterboxing.
    Wine craft stampers via Creative Jewish Mom
  • Toy Boats 13 of 15
    Toy Boats
    Does this cute wine cork craft float your boat? It's a fun way to let kids experiment with flotation, too.
    Wine cork boats tutorial at Creative Jewish Mom
  • Trivet 14 of 15
    Check out this cute trivet. It would be such a fun centerpiece for the next cocktail party or girls' night.
    Wine cork trivet tutorial at Crafty Nest
  • Wine Glass Charms 15 of 15
    Wine Glass Charms
    This is a fun project because you can embellish them in any way you want. Personalize your wine glasses with a slice of wine cork and wire.
    Wine cork glass charms tutorial at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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