15 Awesome DIY Washi Tape Projects


Washi tape makes every thing a little bit better. You can add it to pretty much everything and make it prettier, more fun and all without having to worry about it being permanent. Here are 15 awesome DIYs with washi tape that you need to try. Now.

  • Car Track 1 of 15
    Car Track
    I've seen similar projects before but this one takes the cake. So rad.
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  • Jars 2 of 15
    Simple and pretty. Who doesn't need more pretty jars around?
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  • Cork Board 3 of 15
    Cork Board
    A nice change of pace for your boring cork board.
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  • Keyboard 4 of 15
    This looks awesome, but I would have to be able to see the keys.
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  • Cards 5 of 15
    Whip up a few cards for special occasions or just because.
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  • Coasters 6 of 15
    Cover some ugly coasters with your favorite tapes. Bam! New coasters.
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  • Pencils 7 of 15
    I'm getting ready to cover every pencil I can find.
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  • Straw Flags 8 of 15
    Straw Flags
    This is the perfect solution to keeping cups straight at a party. Put the sharpie markers away.
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  • Light Switch Plates 9 of 15
    Light Switch Plates
    Use a little washi tape to bring some life to your light switches.
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  • Notebook 10 of 15
    If you have 2 minutes, you can and should make this notebook.
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  • Decorative Wall 11 of 15
    Decorative Wall
    I love this. Who needs wall paper or paint when you have washi tape?
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  • Planner 12 of 15
    This is totally one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. Use tapes to coordinate your schedule.
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  • Utensils 13 of 15
    This would take a while to do, but it is oh so worth it.
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  • Gift Wrap 14 of 15
    Gift Wrap
    Take some plain paper and add a few stripes of tape to wrap your next gift. It's a guaranteed hit.
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  • Luminaries 15 of 15
    Simple and oh so pretty. Perfect for baby showers, little parties or just a night in.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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