15 Great-Looking Ceiling Fixtures

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It’s so sad, but true: the really great-looking light fixtures are insanely expensive. {Same story with rugs.}

For example the lovely turquoise beaded number above costs about $7,000! Yeah, you read that right. Seven thousand dollars. Isn’t it pretty though?

This tricky situation usually means that I hunt for vintage lighting on eBay and at flea markets. Or I make my own version (like so).

But occasionally I come across a new ceiling fixture that costs less than $400 that I really like. Here are 15 that I really love!

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  • Turquoise Beaded Basket Chandelier – $399 1 of 15
    Turquoise Beaded Basket Chandelier - $399
    So, this version is not nearly as pretty as the $7,000 chandelier, but I think the price difference is worth it! Don't forget to google for coupon codes before check out!
  • Driftwood Ball Chendelier – $395 2 of 15
    Driftwood Ball Chendelier - $395
    I love how this chandelier feels at once rustic and modern. Lovely!
  • Moravian Star Chandelier – $179 3 of 15
    Moravian Star Chandelier - $179
    Moravian Stars are so classic! Charming for both parents and children alike. I love these best in foyers.
  • Emmett Pendant – $329 4 of 15
    Emmett Pendant - $329
    I LOVE how industrial this pendant is! And it's big too, at 18" diameter.
  • Sputnik Chandelier – $195 5 of 15
    Sputnik Chandelier - $195
    This Sputnik chandelier is so cool and modern! And what a great price point!
  • Bamboo Pagoda Chandelier – $325 6 of 15
    Bamboo Pagoda Chandelier - $325
    Who doesn't love a little Chinoiserie in their home? I love little pops of this style, especially in fun colors like turquoise, coral, red and bright yellow. Check out all 6 colors HERE.
  • Fillsta Pendant Light – $29 7 of 15
    Fillsta Pendant Light - $29
    How can you beat only $29 for a great looking, modern chandelier? I think DWR has something almost identical for 10x the price. I've used this light in nurseries and laundry rooms with great success.
  • Chrome Sputnik Chandelier – $299 8 of 15
    Chrome Sputnik Chandelier - $299
    Oooh! I love this light! Perfect for a super mod bedroom or dining nook!
  • Yellow Tole Chandelier – $309 9 of 15
    Yellow Tole Chandelier - $309
    Oh man, I want this to use in my girls room so bad! I am obsessed with tole lighting! This is so pretty without being too sweet. If I were going to use this in a room, I'd try to keep most of the furniture clean-lined. It would make for a nice balance.
  • Gray Tole Lantern – $299 10 of 15
    Gray Tole Lantern - $299
    I LOVE this lantern! Again, it has that tole sort of feeling to the metal. This would be amazing in an entry or a dining room or a kitchen.
  • Rose Chandelier – $129 11 of 15
    Rose Chandelier - $129
    This is a fun new chandelier from PB Teen! It's pretty similar to IKEA's Maskros in construction, but I like the florettes better than the dandelions.
  • Brass Hex Pendant – $375 12 of 15
    Brass Hex Pendant - $375
    What this little guy can do for your entry is worth every single penny of the $375. What a statement piece! And in case you're in doubt, let me assure you - BRASS IS BACK, BABY!
  • Globe Pendant – $99 13 of 15
    Globe Pendant - $99
    I used this globe pendant in a client's entry with a mercury tipped bulb and it looks SO COOL. I can't believe it was only $99. These would be great in a series over a kitchen island with some Edison bulbs.
  • Birds on a Vine Lantern – $119 14 of 15
    Birds on a Vine Lantern - $119
    Hey, put a bird on it! Just kidding, I love this bid cage chandelier actually. I would totally use it in a pair in a guest room, flanking a headboard.
  • Capiz Shell Pendant – $150 15 of 15
    Capiz Shell Pendant - $150
    I have this pendant. You won't find a capiz shell chandie for cheaper out there, but remember to read the fine print here about the dimensions and that there is no bulb. I just used a $3 IKEA light kit and it works great. I love this shape much more than the lotus style capiz chandeliers. Maybe it's a little less girlie?


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