15 Crate Organization Ideas!!

It’s garage sale season! One of the things you might be able to find are old crates — which are great for organizing! Here are 15 different ideas:

  • Crate Bookcase 1 of 15
    Crate Bookcase
    Make a vintage-inspired bookcase to hold your books and decorations in style!
    Learn more at retropolitan
  • Upcycled Crate Pillow Holder 2 of 15
    Upcycled Crate Pillow Holder
    Many fabrics look great accented with paneled wood, so organize your pillows and blankets in crates!
    Learn more at House of Smiths
  • Organize Your Closet with Crates 3 of 15
    Organize Your Closet with Crates
    Use some preassembled crates to organize your closet with little to no fuss.
    Learn more at Tumblr: My Ideal Home
  • Organize Your Entryway 4 of 15
    Organize Your Entryway
    Paint some crates bright colors and hang them in your entryway to achieve a retro-chic vibe.
    Learn more at Thea's Mania
  • Crate Nightstand 5 of 15
    Crate Nightstand
    Crates can be an interesting accent next to your bed as a simple nightstand.
    Learn more at Thea's Mania
  • Store Craft Supplies in a Crate 6 of 15
    Store Craft Supplies in a Crate
    Whitewash a divided crate for easy craft supply storage!
    Learn more at Somerset Place
  • Wheeled Crate Organization 7 of 15
    Wheeled Crate Organization
    Create a mobile storage unit or organizer with a simple paint job and the addition of wheels!
    Learn more at Choco la Design
  • Hanging Wall Crates 8 of 15
    Hanging Wall Crates
    Store your books in an easy-to-reach space by attaching a crate to your wall!
    Learn more at Ensemble Magazine
  • Craft Room Wall Organization with Crates 9 of 15
    Craft Room Wall Organization with Crates
    Bring that vintage feel into your craft room by hanging crates in a row for easy aesthetic storage!
    Learn more at Design Mom
  • Chalkboard Paint Crate Storage 10 of 15
    Chalkboard Paint Crate Storage
    Create some easily adaptable storage units by staining crates and creating labels with chalkboard paint!
    Learn more at Guide to an Imperfect Home
  • Bathroom Crate Storage 11 of 15
    Bathroom Crate Storage
    With a quick paint job, crates can fit into any bathroom decor, providing cheap and easy-to-access storage.
    Learn more at HGTV
  • Kitchen Utensil Storage 12 of 15
    Kitchen Utensil Storage
    Store often-used kitchen supplies in an easy-to-install, easy-to-find, and easy-to-reach wall crate.
    Learn more at Homemade Simple
  • Bathroom Table Crate 13 of 15
    Bathroom Table Crate
    Display produce and more on your kitchen counter with short tiered crates.
    Learn more at Style at Home
  • Under-the-Counter Kitchen Crate Storage 14 of 15
    Under-the-Counter Kitchen Crate Storage
    For less obvious storage, conceal your crates under the counter.
    Learn more at Design Sponge
  • Use Crates to Organize Your Pantry 15 of 15
    Use Crates to Organize Your Pantry
    Make your pantry tidier and more beautiful by using crates to store cooking essentials.
    Learn more at House of Smiths

Have you used crates in your home? Share your ideas with us in the comments!


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