15 Cute Kid’s Costumes

halloween costume ideas
Alright procrastinators, you’ve got three weeks until Halloween and if you’re planning on making your kids’ costumes that means it might be time to get started. You do want to avoid pulling an all-nighter with a demolished bag of mini-candy bars this year don’t you? Here are 15 ideas that will get you sewing/gluing/crafting/bedazzling. The ventriloquist’s dummy idea is too funny.

  • Princess Leia 1 of 15
    Princess Leia
    Quick, dress your baby up Star Wars style before they think it's too nerdy.
  • Hot Air Balloon 2 of 15
    Hot Air Balloon
    Up, up and away.
    See instructions on All You
  • A Ventriloquist’s Dummy 3 of 15
    A Ventriloquist's Dummy
    Yes, that's a wig.
    From Inchmark
  • Marshmallow Man 4 of 15
    Marshmallow Man
    Round cheeks are the best accessory.
    From Ali Loves Curtis
  • Sandwich 5 of 15
    No worries if the baby falls down. They'll just land on this soft cushion.
    From Parenting
  • Oscar the Grouch 6 of 15
    Oscar the Grouch
    This way they can't run off.
    From Little Frills
  • Goldfish 7 of 15
    Just make sure to make this one before the baby is too mobile.
    From Martha Stewart
  • Medusa 8 of 15
    A knit hat + plastic snakes = a simple DIY costume.
    From Design Mom
  • Sock Monkey 9 of 15
    Sock Monkey
    Perfect for the cooler temperatures.
    See directions on Instructables
  • Owl 10 of 15
    Homemade and sweet.
    From Early Bird Special
  • Little Lion 11 of 15
    Little Lion
    Hopefully the child won't have to be tamed too much.
    See instructions on All You
  • Paper Doll 12 of 15
    Paper Doll
    Bust out the poster board.
    From Family Fun
  • Sushi 13 of 15
    This mom craved sushi when she was pregnant so made this costume for her baby.
    From WishingElephant
  • Cotton Candy 14 of 15
    Cotton Candy
  • Alice and Mad Hatter 15 of 15
    Alice and Mad Hatter
    Themed costumes are always fun.
    From Dana Made It

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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