15 DIY Reusable Disposables

Making your own household items instead of using common disposable items is a great way to reduce expenses and your impact on the environment.

From cloth diapers to cloth napkins, reusable products have been a part of our life for several years. Some of our old favorites have been trickier to replace than others, but we’re finally on our way to solely reusable products.

Check out these 15 faux disposables:

  • Baby Wipes 1 of 15
    Baby Wipes
    When I cloth-diapered my daughter, my husband and I also made the decision to use cloth baby wipes. These thin baby washcloths with a vinegar solution are perfect.
    Find out how to make cloth baby wipes at Cubit's Organic Living
  • Baggies 2 of 15
    We work hard to pack the girls a waste-free lunch, but sometimes a little bag is just what you need. That's why I love these baggies made from a tablecloth.
    Learn how to make reusable baggies at Oopsey Daisy
  • Bowl Covers 3 of 15
    Bowl Covers
    I've eyed the expensive plastic wrap covers (and have even seen people use a shower cap!), but I just can't bring myself to take advantage of the convenience. I would totally use these, though. They seem simple enough, with a layer of fabric, PUL and elastic.
    Learn how to make fabric bowl covers at Collecting the Moments
  • Coffee Sleeve 4 of 15
    Coffee Sleeve
    I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but how cute is this? You can give this any look you want with your favorite fabric, fun button choices and a hair tie, of all things.
    Learn how to make a coffee sleeve from Crafty Staci
  • Disinfecting Wipes 5 of 15
    Disinfecting Wipes
    Antibacterial wipes are super convenient, and my girls love to take turns wiping the light switches and doorknobs. Rather than let them go through an entire roll of disposable wipes, I'm going to make a batch of these — they're inexpensive and eco-friendly. Although the recipe calls for soap, I think vinegar will work just as well.
    Get the recipe for fabric disinfecting wipes from Homemade Ginger
  • Dryer Sheets 6 of 15
    Dryer Sheets
    I use vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of my washer and dryer balls in the dryer, but sometimes I think dryer sheets would be easier. Enter fabric dryer sheets — super easy and made with fabric softener and scrap cloth you probably already have.
    Get the recipe for fabric dryer sheets at Homemade Mamas
  • Gift Bags 7 of 15
    Gift Bags
    Rather than go through garbage bags of wrapping paper on Christmas morning, I use fabric to wrap gifts. No complaints from the kids just yet!
    Fabric gift bags via Just a Bunch of Momsense
  • Hand Warmers 8 of 15
    Hand Warmers
    I could have used a pair of these last week for Black Friday shopping. It's just rice sewn into scrap fabric, and so much cuter than the disposable version!
    Check out the tutorial on Lipstick and Laundry
  • Lunch Totes 9 of 15
    Lunch Totes
    You can pack your new reusable baggies into one of your own totes. I also love that you can personalize them with your kids' favorite designs.
    Pattern for lunch totes at Victorian Quilt Designs
  • Napkins 10 of 15
    We use cloth napkins every day. Usually, I buy them on holiday clearance, but I'm pretty sure these would actually be cheaper — not to mention available in coordinating fabrics for my kitchen.
    See how to make cloth napkins at Skip to My Lou
  • Paper Towels 11 of 15
    Paper Towels
    When I saw this tutorial a few weeks ago, I was a little overly excited. We've had an empty paper towel holder in our kitchen for years, preferring to just use towels or cloth napkins. But adding snaps? Brilliant!
    Check out the tutorial for faux paper towels at Team Eco Nest
  • Post Notes 12 of 15
    Post Notes
    I'm a Post-It kind of person, which basically just leaves me a disorganized mess what with my unwillingness to waste paper. Enter reusable notes — contact paper, sticky tack, and a dry erase marker. Genius!
    Check out the tutorial for reusable sticky notes from Instructables
  • Produce Bags 13 of 15
    Produce Bags
    Someone tell me I'm not the only one who brings my produce home loose? I just can't stand those plastic bags. I am for sure making some of these — reusable, lightweight tulle, easily stored in with my grocery bags, and the perfect solution to my problem.
    Learn how to make produce bags from Pinching Your Pennies
  • Sandwich Wrap 14 of 15
    Sandwich Wrap
    This wrap made from nylon, fabric, and velcro also doubles as a placemat for lunch. I also found a shower-curtain sandwich wrap, if you're comfortable using the material for food.
    Learn how to make afabric sandwich wrap from Creating my Way to Success
  • Swiffer Cloths 15 of 15
    Swiffer Cloths
    I love my Swiffers. Love! As an alternative to disposable cloths, I use microfiber cloth from the automotive department with mine. It's kind of bulky to fit into the little holes. I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to do it as a slip cover. And the pattern for duster covers is completely genius.
    Learn how to make Swiffer dusters instructions at Dollar Store Crafts

Of course, this would all be a lot easier if I knew how to sew. (Dear Mom, Any of these would make awesome Christmas gifts. Love, Me)

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