15 Fantastic Gallery Walls

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Every time I do a post here I realize that I have another weakness. A weakness for nooks, a weakness for painted doors, a weakness for built-in bookcases. Today I’m sharing my weakness for gallery walls. I stand in awe of those who can pull off the effortless mix of photos, art and objects and have rounded-up a few I think you’ll love. See them after the jump.

  • Eclectic Mix 1 of 15
    Eclectic Mix
    I like that this wall isn't uniform but it somehow just works. There's an art to that.
    Image: Claiborne Swanson Frank for Vogue
  • Entryway 2 of 15
    Make a statement right when you walk through the door with an entire wall of art.
    Image: Jonny Valiant
  • Inspiration Wall 3 of 15
    Inspiration Wall
    I like how the colors mesh in this one but it's still a great mix of different objects.
    Image: Megan's sneak peek on Design Sponge
  • Office Space 4 of 15
    Office Space
    This gallery wall would be inspiring to look at while working away.
    Image: SF Girl By Bay
  • Mirrors 5 of 15
    The wall doesn't have to be just dedicated to framed art, throw in some mirrors too.
    Image: Jo's sneak peek on Design Sponge
  • Black + White 6 of 15
    Black + White
    It doesn't surprise me that this is from a home in Sweden. They have clean and minimal down to a science.
    Image: Fine Little Day
  • Classic 7 of 15
    With the black and white prints, this one seems very classic to me.
    Image: Rita Konig's apartment featured in Decorate by Holly Becker
  • Colorful Mix 8 of 15
    Colorful Mix
    Not all art has to go on the wall. Prop some up against the wall too as long as you don't have a baby or puppy around.
    Image: Angie Hranowsky
  • Comfy Space 9 of 15
    Comfy Space
    Use a gallery wall to add some comfort to a space. This one seems right at home.
    Image: Christie's sneak peek on Design Sponge
  • TV Wall 10 of 15
    TV Wall
    Make your TV blend in a little bit more by surrounding it with art.
    Image: Emily Hensen's sneak peek on Design Sponge
  • Several Statements 11 of 15
    Several Statements
    Just because you have a heavy patterned wallpaper doesn't mean you can't add some more interest on top of it.
    Image: Emily Henderson's portfolio
  • Hallway 12 of 15
    Wow, filling and hanging all those frames would take a long time but it makes an impression.
    image: Young House Love
  • Horizontal 13 of 15
    I'm amazed when people mix art and it looks so effortless.
    Image: Design Sponge at Home
  • Seaside Paintings 14 of 15
    Seaside Paintings
    A collection of oil paintings works well in this seaside cottage.
    Image: Better Homes and Gardens
  • Colorful 15 of 15
    This one is such a happy mix of color, photos and children's art.
    Image: Lund Photo

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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