15 Great Bookshelves for Kids

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Want to liven up your kid’s room with interesting art and bright colors? No need for a new paint job or a lengthy search for the perfect artwork — just put their favorite books on display! Children’s picture books are so pretty they need to be displayed nicely to match. From easy spice racks to an entire wall of front-facing shelves, these ideas for libraries are spot on. Check out the 15 ideas that will make you want to cozy up with a pile of books after the jump.

  • Built-ins 1 of 15
    What a great room where kids can read and create. I love the giant bean bag chair positioned perfectly for kicking back and enjoying a book. Someone will have to ask mom and dad for helping reaching the top shelf — the perfect opportunity for some parent-child reading time!
    Photo credit: Lonny
  • Cute Mix 2 of 15
    Cute Mix
    To add some interest to your shelves, have some books front facing and some stacked mixed with some other favorite items. The way the books and toys are bright, interesting colors makes this an inviting space to play and learn.
    Photo credit: Green is the New Black
  • Library Corner 3 of 15
    Library Corner
    Can't squeeze a big piece of furniture into that awkward corner? Build shelves instead — this open layout showcases the great artwork on the covers. For an extra punch, arrange the books by color. This is a great tip for any bookshelf.
    Photo credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Library Wall 4 of 15
    Library Wall
    Make your home into a little book store with this amazing built-in project — take a cue from this layout and store your favorite magazines above your kids' books!
    Photo credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Window Frame 5 of 15
    Window Frame
    I'm not sure you get more perfect than this room with a sunny spot on the window seat and books in arm's reach. If you don't have a built-in bench near a sunny window, place a settee or comfy chair to create a similar vibe.
    Photo credit: Decor Pad
  • Mini Sitting Area 6 of 15
    Mini Sitting Area
    Make kids feel like they truly have their own space with furniture that's just their size. Those mini benches are so cute! The set-up reminds me of a kid version of the NY Public Library.
    Photo credit: KML Design
  • Custom Built 7 of 15
    Custom Built
    Can't find the perfect bookshelf? Make it yourself! This bookshelf was custom-made by the child's grandfather. I would like to believe that it's a project I could tackle — and it would be sure to be something we'd keep around for a while.
    Photo credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Line the walls 8 of 15
    Line the walls
    I'd love to cozy up on that couch with a pile of books. It seems so grand to have shelves on all four walls.
    Photo credit: Red
  • Simple Shelves 9 of 15
    Simple Shelves
    Use simple wall shelves to display your kid's favorite books of the moment — swap them out for special occasions like birthdays or holidays, or when your kid moves beyond picture books, use shelves to display his favorite photos! These are just simple wall shelves from IKEA. Easy peasy and inexpensive to boot.
    Photo credit: The Sleepy Time Gal
  • Painted 10 of 15
    If your shelves cover up the fun colors on your child's books, make the shelf itself a fun color! Mini, painted shelves are a fun pop of color for this room and an easy weekend project for anybody to try out.
    Photo credit: The Sweet Survival
  • Child Height 11 of 15
    Child Height
    It's a good idea to mount the shelves at child-height so the kid can actually reach them. Except if you don't want a mess.
    Photo credit: Spearmint Baby
  • Collection 12 of 15
    There are so many good looking picture books out there, they're like little pieces of art. Treat your kid's collection as such and curate a well-crafted display like a gallery.
    Photo credit: Kara's Korner
  • Little Corner 13 of 15
    Little Corner
    The little table and chairs is a great addition to the book corner. I bet the kids love to gather there.
    Photo credit: Bre Style
  • Wall of Books 14 of 15
    Wall of Books
    This wall makes quite the statement. You'd need a little rolling ladder to reach the top. If you don't have enough children's books to scatter around everywhere, throw in some of Mom and Dad's best coffee-table tomes for a look that spans the ages.
    Photo credit: Made by Girl
  • Spice Rack 15 of 15
    Spice Rack
    Worried your kid won't love these shelves for that long? These shelves made from IKEA spice racks are an inexpensive way to try on this look without committing to a big expense. Smart!
    Photo credit: Table Tonic

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