15 More Tips and Tricks for Easier Laundry

When I started my laundry room project a few months ago, I was determined to improve efficiency and tackle the mountain of laundry. I found several tips & tricks for making laundry easier, but I’m still struggling to catch up.

There’s work, carpool, after-school activities — I just don’t have time to keep up on the laundry while we’re busy dirtying all the clothes. I think it’s time to bite the bullet and get back to the laundromat. That’s one of my biggest tips for catching up — it’ll cost you, but it takes just a few hours to get all the laundry completely finished.

It’s a last resort, though, so here are 15 more ideas for easier laundry:

  • Post Your Process 1 of 15
    Post Your Process
    I love the look of these vintage prints to hang in the laundry room. My teen has done her own laundry for years, and the tween is starting to pitch in as well. You can also make your own to keep track of the steps for younger helpers.
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  • Label Hand-Me-Downs 2 of 15
    Label Hand-Me-Downs
    This is a genius plan for keeping track of which kid the hand-me-downs belong to. Make a mark on the tag each time it gets passed down.
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  • Display Lost Items 3 of 15
    Display Lost Items
    I have a lot of socks, gloves, and swimsuit pieces lying around waiting for mates. This is a great idea for keeping track so you can match them quickly and put it away.
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  • Keep Track of Dirty Clothes 4 of 15
    Keep Track of Dirty Clothes
    This is a great tip for keeping track of what's clean or dirty when you travel. Turn all the dirty clothes inside out, and you'll always know what's what.
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  • Skip Steps 5 of 15
    Skip Steps
    Okay, I've heard the whole "don't sort" idea before, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it. I do skip ironing, though, by buying wrinkle-free clothing.
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  • Hang Faster 6 of 15
    Hang Faster
    This tip may have changed my life! She's got a super fast process for quickly hanging a stack of clothes. Watch the video at Celebrate Everyday with Me
    Photo Credit: Flickr user evelynishere
  • Keep Clothes Bright 7 of 15
    Keep Clothes Bright
    I use vinegar in the rinse compartment for natural softening, but I had no idea it was responsible for keeping our clothes brighter!
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  • Remove Rust Stains 8 of 15
    Remove Rust Stains
    Salt and lemon juice are apparently all you need to get rid of rust stains. Who knew it could be so simple?
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  • Wash on the Go 9 of 15
    Wash on the Go
    This is brilliant! Pack a laundry soap bar when you travel to wash and rinse on the go. It's a great way to stick to a carry-on and save money on luggage fees.
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  • Keep a Cheat Sheet 10 of 15
    Keep a Cheat Sheet
    Here's a great printable cheat sheet for common laundry stains.
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  • Squirt Detergent 11 of 15
    Squirt Detergent
    This is brilliant! Pour your bulk detergent into a squirt bottle for easier, mess-free dispensing for every load.
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  • Fold Bedding Sets 12 of 15
    Fold Bedding Sets
    These are great tips for folding a bedding set to keep things organized. Learning to properly fold a fitted sheet was far more important to our home organization than I ever imagined.
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  • Unshrink Clothes 13 of 15
    Unshrink Clothes
    You guys! Did you know you can unshrink clothes? Baby shampoo, a beach towel, and a little work can stretch your clothes out good as new!
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  • Build a Laundry Chute 14 of 15
    Build a Laundry Chute
    One of the best things about our house is that the laundry room is on the 2nd floor with the bedrooms, but if that's not the case for your home, this is a great tutorial for installing your own laundry chute.
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  • Remove Ink Stains 15 of 15
    Remove Ink Stains
    Here's one I've had to use more than once! A little hairspray and elbow grease will fade ink to nothing.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user lobsterstew


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