14 Organization Projects Using Chalkboard Paint

When people think of chalkboard paint they usually think of children’s projects — toy boxes, small easels to draw on, huge chalkboards from elementary school. But chalkboard paint has come a long way, baby! It’s now used in high-end kitchens, on furniture, and for keeping your life organized. You can paint it on nearly any surface, and then once you do, you can write on it as quickly as you can erase!

So in homage to this nouveau decorating technique (and because it’s National Organization Month), I’ve rounded up the best, most practical ways to use chalkboard paint in your home. (One that I need for myself is this chalkboard calendar above. I LOVE that it uses both colored chalkboard paint and an old window! Genius.)

A few tips for using chalkboard paint:

  • Don’t feel like you’re just stuck with black or green — you can make your own custom colors! Read this post for instructions.
  • Pick the right brush for a smooth finish. I prefer a foam roller or brush for application.
  • Use at least three coats on a surface for the most complete coverage.
  • Let chalkboard paint dry for 72 hours before writing on it.
  • Once the paint dries, you have to “condition” the paint with chalk before using. This means you rub a piece of chalk back and forth all over the surface and then wipe it off before using.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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