15 Steps to UnDecorate Your Home AFTER the Holidays!

All of the presents have been unwrapped and the last sip of eggnog consumed, now comes the hard part — UNdecorating your home after the Holidays!!

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It doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it sounds. In fact, cleaning and organizing your home after holidays can be liberating!! I am sharing 15 easy and efficient steps to UNdecorate and freshen your home after the jump!

Here are 15 steps to a stress-free holiday undecorating and house cleaning. Draft the family to help! I’ve put the steps in  chronological order to make it even easier to get your house all cleaned up for 2012:

  • 1. Store your Christmas Wrap 1 of 15
    1. Store your Christmas Wrap
    Store your Christmas Wrap. Instead of buying those expensive plastic wrap containers, get some inexpensive plastic tubs and put your rolls in there. Then tie them up with a bit of left-over Christmas ribbon or twine. They even fit well in awkward, under-stairs spaces. Just be sure to keep them all in one place so you can find them next year! You can even try this clever idea for storing wrap on the ceiling of your closet!
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  • 2. Flatten and save gift boxes 2 of 15
    2. Flatten and save gift boxes
    We always break down all of those cardboard gift boxes to be used again. Once flat, they are so much smaller and easier to store. Just stack them up and put a bit of twine around them.
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  • 3. Recycle wrapping paper 3 of 15
    3. Recycle wrapping paper
    For all ripped gift wrap or boxes, you can recycle that material. Just take off the bows, ribbons and anything metallic and put the rest in your recycle bin. If you have left-over bubble wrap or packing material you can keep it for later use, or list it on - a wonderful website where it can be put to good use.
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  • 4. Stash those ornaments – carefully! 4 of 15
    4. Stash those ornaments - carefully!
    Each Christmas Ornament is special -- you don't want to break a single one; so be sure to pack each one away safely until next year. There are special ornament plastic containers that are designed to hold your ornaments. Or you can create DIY ornament holders, like Ashley did at Ashley's Thrifty Living -- she made hers out of egg cartons.
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  • 5. Store your lights 5 of 15
    5. Store your lights
    There's nothing more annoying than trying to unwind a strand of twisted lights. Wrap your strands of lights around a tidy spool and when Christmas comes again you can unwind them without any knots. A great product is the Light Winder -- it even has a zippered cover to keep your lights safe from moisture and damage throughout the year.
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  • 6. Recycle your tree 6 of 15
    6. Recycle your tree
    Don't forget about your real tree -- you can recycle it! Just go to Earth 911, type in "Christmas tree," and then enter your ZIP code to find one of the 4,000 recycling programs around the U.S. Many communities have curbside pick-up for trees after Christmas, while other towns have drop-off locations. Be sure to take off all the lights, ornaments and baubles first. Your local recycler will put it to good use -- like the New Orleans area used recycled Christmas trees to aid in coastline restoration.
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  • 7. Store your artificial tree 7 of 15
    7. Store your artificial tree
    If you have an artificial tree, a more efficient way to store your tree is by putting it in a tree bag. They are smaller than the original box and will save you room. They're also easier to carry. We split a tree that was in one big, heavy, unwieldy box into two smaller bags. Also, there are bags with wheels which make putting your artificial tree away even easier!
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  • 8. Store and protect your wreaths 8 of 15
    8. Store and protect your wreaths
    Another great idea is to keep your wreaths damage-free by storing them in a plastic wreath case. You can buy them at any big box store such as Walmart or Target.
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  • 9. Quick-clean the fridge 9 of 15
    9. Quick-clean the fridge
    New Years is a great time to clean out your fridge. You can get rid of all of those bad-for-you foods and ignored fruitcakes and scrub out the shelves. Add a new box of Baking Soda. (Try the Real Simple 20-minute speed clean.)
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  • 10. Wash and store your holiday linens 10 of 15
    10. Wash and store your holiday linens
    Wash all of your Holiday linens, fold them neatly, pack them, and label them all in the same plastic containers -- or even old suitcases. That way next year you can find them all without rifling through all of your boxes.
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  • 11. Tackle the guest bedroom 11 of 15
    11. Tackle the guest bedroom
    If you have had guests, take a little bit of time and clean out your guest bedroom. Wash the linens, dust, wipe down the furniture. You can even flip the mattress for a fresh start for a new year. Add a little freshener like Febreze and it will feel like a new room.
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  • 12. Give your master bedroom the guest bedroom treatment 12 of 15
    12. Give your master bedroom the guest bedroom treatment
    Do the same thing in your master bedroom -- and don't forget to vacuum under the bed!
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  • 13. Organize your linen closet 13 of 15
    13. Organize your linen closet
    Wash all of your guest towels and while you are at it, clean out your linen closet. Donate anything you haven't used in the last year to your local Goodwill.
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  • 14. Vacuum – even under the couch! 14 of 15
    14. Vacuum - even under the couch!
    Another good idea is to move your couch. Instead of vacuuming around your furniture, move it and vacuum under each piece. You won't believe how easy it is for a piece of wrapping paper to get stuck under there.
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  • 15. Quick clean the porch 15 of 15
    15. Quick clean the porch
    Once you have taken down all of the decorations on your front porch, take your welcome mat and shake it out. Get it all clean. Sweep off your porch and get it ready for 2012!!
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We’d love to know — what are YOUR tips to Undecorating after the Holidays? Let us know in the comments.

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