15 Ways to Reuse Holiday Decorations

After New Year’s Eve there’s a scramble to clean up the holiday decorations that you so gleefully put up just the month before. Taking away all that festivity can be a sad affair for those of us who enjoy a little sparkle in the cold months. My family had a lovely Christmas season, and I just want to hold onto it a little while longer.

So while I know that the tree must come down before my teen’s birthday sleepover this weekend, I’m determined to make the rest of our holiday decor stay up for the rest of the year … in an acceptable way. And to my delight I found some great ideas for reusing holiday decorations.

One way to reuse deocrations is to adapt them for other holidays.  There are myriad ways you can revamp a Christmas wreath for other holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter. For example, this Valentine’s Day ornament wreath requires pink and red ornaments, but this Valentine DIY, which uses red and green can more easily transition from Christmas to February.

My very favorites, though, are the twinkling lights! Why spend all that money on Christmas lights, just to store them for 11 months a year? Here are 15 fun ways to use holiday lights all year long:

  • Bedroom Lights 1 of 15
    Bedroom Lights
    I love the idea of white lights in a bedroom. I think it adds a bit of romance. It would also add a bit of whimsy and comfort in a child's bedroom.
    Bedroom lights via Best Bedroom Designs
  • Canvas Art 2 of 15
    Canvas Art
    How cool is this? Drill holes in a canvas, then insert Christmas lights for a beautiful, lighted display. This is a much more realistic expression for those of us with zero artistic talent.
    Glittering Lightscape via Apartment Therapy
  • Dining Al Fresco 3 of 15
    Dining Al Fresco
    Whether you're hosting a dinner party, a wedding or just want a little ambiance for your summer picnic, a string of lights over the table or buffet is totally perfect.
    Al Fresco Dining at Natural Beauty
  • Garden Party Lights 4 of 15
    Garden Party Lights
    Create a string of garden lights by popping a light bulb into a cupcake liner. So completely brilliant!
    Garden Party Lights tutorial at Itsy Belle
  • Lamp Shades 5 of 15
    Lamp Shades
    This string of shaded lights was designed for Halloween, but you could choose your own patterns or color scheme to create a string of lights for any occasion. Paper and plastic cups are all you'll need for this project.
    Christmas light lampshades via Good Housekeeping
  • Lighted Headboard 6 of 15
    Lighted Headboard
    We don't currently have a headboard because I can't seem to find just the right thing. This? Is pretty perfect. Christmas lights behind polycarbonate panels on a custom-built wooden frame.
    Lighted headboard via Shelterness
  • Lighted Vases 7 of 15
    Lighted Vases
    This is a great look on the mantel through Christmas, surrounded by garland and holly berries. I think vases filled with holiday lights are just as beautiful on their own — clean and simple.
    Lighted vases via Real Simple
  • Mason Jar Lights 8 of 15
    Mason Jar Lights
    This is similar to the vase, but I picture them on a backyard patio. It reminds me of summer days, collecting fireflies in my mom's glass jars.
    Mason Jar lights via All Things Jane
  • Photo Backdrop 9 of 15
    Photo Backdrop
    This DIY photo backdrop uses holiday lights to create cool effects. It is simple, gorgeous, and creates a beautiful setting for any time of year.
    Photo Backdrop tutorial at Prop Insanity
  • Sheer Curtain 10 of 15
    Sheer Curtain
    We already have the sheer curtains, and a tote full of Christmas lights. I am so doing this! It's going to look gorgeous in the living room.
    Curtain Decor via The Colors of My Rainbow
  • Team Logo 11 of 15
    Team Logo
    I made this Colts horseshoe for my dad a few years ago, with chicken wire, rope lights and zip ties. One of the light strands has gone out, so I picked up a new light set this year. It's a simple process so it will be easy to redo — trace a design onto cardboard, then lay the chicken wire over it. Attach the lights in various locations as you mold the light rope into shape.
  • Walkway Lights 12 of 15
    Walkway Lights
    A string of holiday lights creates a pretty walkway or garden. It's also perfect for guiding guests to your home for an event any time of year.
    Walkway Lights via Live Creating Yourself
  • Wall Art 13 of 15
    Wall Art
    So pretty & and simple! A strand of lights and string of mirrored garland creates a beautiful wall piece for your home.
    Mirror garland via Apartment Therapy
  • Wedding Decor 14 of 15
    Wedding Decor
    We used a lot of Christmas lights at our own wedding nearly 15 years ago. There were lights at the bride & groom table, lights in the entrance, and lights over the dance floor. Holiday lights are a beautiful, inexpensive way to decorate for a wedding or event.
    Wedding canopy via Ruffled Blog
  • Wine Bottle Lamp 15 of 15
    Wine Bottle Lamp
    I love this project. The wine bottle lamps are not only beautiful as gifts and home decor, but they are a fun way to display a collection of wine bottles. I'm already saving the wine corks for other awesome projects!
    Wine bottle lamp tutorial at Laura Makes

Photo Credit: The Colors of My Rainbow


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