16 Darling Easter Egg Decorations

Decorating eggs is a fun way to celebrate the spring season! These 16 snazzy ideas are sure to liven up your Easter decor!

  • Not Your Average Eggs 1 of 17
    Not Your Average Eggs
    Click through for some unique takes on classic Easter decor!
  • Botanical Eggs 2 of 17
    Botanical Eggs
    Announce that spring has sprung, with these pretty botanical dyed eggs!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Pantone Eggs 3 of 17
    Pantone Eggs
    Try out this fun take on classic colored eggs!
    Learn more at How About Orange
  • Egg Creatures 4 of 17
    Egg Creatures
    Create this cute chubby bunny, and his stash of delectable carrots!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Decorate with Q-tips 5 of 17
    Decorate with Q-tips
    Who would have thought that q-tips could create an egg that's this cute?
    Learn more at Alisa Burke
  • Marbleized Eggs 6 of 17
    Marbleized Eggs
    Dramatic and elegant, marbleized eggs are deceptively simple to create!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Natural Dye 7 of 17
    Natural Dye
    Create rustic looking easter eggs, with deep rich hues, using supplies found in your refrigerator!
    Learn more at The Kitchn
  • Butterfly Eggs 8 of 17
    Butterfly Eggs
    Attach little insects or creatures to your Easter eggs for an interesting twist on traditional decor.
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Natural Eggs 9 of 17
    Natural Eggs
    Not a fan of Dye? Create stunning little statements by wrapping an egg and spring greenery together!
    Learn more at A Daily Something
  • Lacy Eggs 10 of 17
    Lacy Eggs
    Love lace? Embellish your Easter eggs with pretty lace patterns.
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Washi Tape 11 of 17
    Washi Tape
    Oh washi tape, how we love you. Use wash taper to create cute stripes on plain eggs for easy, no mess decor!
    Learn more at Family Circle
  • Modern Eggs 12 of 17
    Modern Eggs
    Not a fan of pastels? Check out these eggs with bold hues and simple shapes!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Get Creative! 13 of 17
    Get Creative!
    From bubble wrap to ball point pens, you can use so many household objects to create spectacular eggs.
    Learn more at Alisa Burke
  • Thread Wrapped Eggs 14 of 17
    Thread Wrapped Eggs
    Looking for a Simple way to spice up your egg decor? Loop a length of thread around dyed eggs for a sweet homespun look!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Use Wax 15 of 17
    Use Wax
    Ever Seen those elaborately dyed Russian eggs? Use this simplified version of that gorgeous technique!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Tissue Paper Eggs 16 of 17
    Tissue Paper Eggs
    Fold delicate shapes out of pretty pastel tissue for these sweet eggs!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Sweet Bunnies 17 of 17
    Sweet Bunnies
    Perfect for place cards, or as spectacular table decor, these sweet egg bunnies are a must have for easter brunch!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart

What’s your favorite way to decorate Easter eggs? Share your ideas in the comments!


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