18 Chevron Rugs for Your Home!

Chevron rugs were made popular a few years ago by the talented textile designer Madeline Weinrib. You can still purchase her rugs through ABC Carpet and Home, but you might have to shell out more clams that you’d like.

Fortunately, now there are plenty of chevron rugs out on the market, at much more achievable price points. Does that mean that the trend has peaked? I think chevron is one of those classic design elements that can always be used. To me, it is still fun and fresh.

Here are my favorite rugs available right now. Most of these are totally new to me…

  • Black and white with a tight pattern 1 of 18
    Black and white with a tight pattern
    This rug is only $77.57 for a 5x8 size. Perfect for a little nursery or a laundry room!
  • Urban Outfitters to the rescue! 2 of 18
    Urban Outfitters to the rescue!
    This rug is a STEAL at only $69! Comes in great colors like aqua, gray and black. Another great nursery rug! Take note though that this rug is not woven - the pattern is printed on.
  • Black and white is a looser pattern 3 of 18
    Black and white is a looser pattern
    This rug Runs between $85 and $319 depending on the size. I like the larger scale of the chevron here.
  • Citron!! 4 of 18
    This rug is pricier at $85 for a 3x5, but what a PUNCH this little rug will pack! Perfect for a laundry room or a mudroom. Maybe an entry...
  • Brown and cream 5 of 18
    Brown and cream
    This rug is $82 for a 5x8. I like the chocolate brown color. If you have lots of browns and reds in your decor and are wanting to add some pattern and freshen things up a bit, this rug will definitely do that!
  • Camel and black 6 of 18
    Camel and black
    This rug is AMAZING. I love the colors! Looks a lot like the one Miles Redd used above. $170 for a 6x9.
  • Gold and cream 7 of 18
    Gold and cream
    This rug has been seen all around blogland. It's by West Elm. 5x8 for $249. Love this ochre color!
  • Flame Stich is BACK!! 8 of 18
    Flame Stich is BACK!!
    This rug is new to me! I love the flame stitch pattern! 4x6 for $319.
  • Bold and bright! 9 of 18
    Bold and bright!
    This rug is by Trina Turk, goddess of color! 3x5 for $160.
  • Can chevron be soothing?? 10 of 18
    Can chevron be soothing??
    This rug looks AMAZING. I love love love the colors here and that the chevron is more of a subtle line. 4x6 for $223
  • Masculine in gray and brown 11 of 18
    Masculine in gray and brown
    This rug is another more subtle way to do chevron. 5x8 for $247.
  • Woven 12 of 18
    This rug is a really practical buy. Natural materials like sisal, jute and seagrass wear really well. 6x9 for $349.
  • Another woven natural 13 of 18
    Another woven natural
    This rug at Shades of Light is another great option. Sisal 4x6 with a border for $368.
  • Blush pink 14 of 18
    Blush pink
    This rug is such a pretty, soft pink. The obvious choice is for a little girls nursery. But wouldn't it also look lovely in a master bedroom with a more masculine bed and maybe some charcoal gray linen curtains? $500 for an 8x10.
  • Bright and so fun! 15 of 18
    Bright and so fun!
    This rug was originally sold at Pottery Barn Teen. You can still find it on eBay for less than $300 for an 8x10.
  • Follow the arrows 16 of 18
    Follow the arrows
    This rug is SO COOL! I love the blue colors together!! $395 for a 5x7.
  • Another great flame stitch! 17 of 18
    Another great flame stitch!
    This rug is actually a series of FLOR tiles. I used this pattern recently in a client's entry. The best part is we have been able to replace dirty or worn out tiles without having to change out the entire floor. Just $25 a tile.
  • Paint it! 18 of 18
    Paint it!
    This rug was a great and SUPER inexpensive DIY that I featured on my blog a while back. It's a great option if you want a chevron pattern, but don't want to pay for it.

Looking to decorate your nursery? Check out these awesome, affordable rugs!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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