18 Gorgeous Gift-Wrapping Ideas

The holidays are coming up! Nothing makes a present more special than pretty gift wrapping. Here are 18 ways to make your gifts shine under the tree this holiday season. Check out these gorgeous gift wrapping tips and tricks after the break!

  • Typographic Gift Wrap 1 of 18
    Typographic Gift Wrap
    Personalize your gifts with this modern, bold typographic wrap -- suitable for any season!
    Learn how at Man Made
  • Felt Mistletoe Embellishment 2 of 18
    Felt Mistletoe Embellishment
    Garnish your gifts with this great holiday mistletoe.
    Learn how at Martha Stewart
  • Cupcake Line Pom Poms 3 of 18
    Cupcake Line Pom Poms
    Curling ribbon has nothing on these easy and bright pom poms.
    Learn how at Family Life
  • Doily Embellishments 4 of 18
    Doily Embellishments
    Add a touch of old elegance to your gifts with these pretty doilies.
    Learn how at Mondocherry
  • Quilled Flower Embellishment 5 of 18
    Quilled Flower Embellishment
    Add a bright touch with these quilled flower ideas.
    Learn how at All Things Paper
  • Recycled Magazine Bows 6 of 18
    Recycled Magazine Bows
    Tossing your magazines in the recycle bin isn't nearly as fun as making these fun bows.
    Learn how at Paper N Stitch
  • Felt Flower Embellishments 7 of 18
    Felt Flower Embellishments
    Try these felt flowers for fantastic frippery.
    Learn how at Design Dump
  • Thrift Store Shirt 8 of 18
    Thrift Store Shirt
    Recycle a thrift store shirt with this unique wrapping idea.
    Learn how at Country Living
  • Pom Pom Yarn Embellishments 9 of 18
    Pom Pom Yarn Embellishments
    Add a pop of color to your gifts -- or many pops with these cute pom poms.
    Learn how at Bugs & Fishes
  • Bulletin Board Borders 10 of 18
    Bulletin Board Borders
    Check out these great borders for bright wraps.
    Learn how at Love. Obsess. Inspire.
  • Rolled Sheet Music Flowers Embellishment 11 of 18
    Rolled Sheet Music Flowers Embellishment
    Ready to let that Air Supply songbook go? Turn it into these harmonious flowers!
    Learn how at Jones Design Company
  • Paper Towel Roll Gift Wrap 12 of 18
    Paper Towel Roll Gift Wrap
    Re-use your paper towel rolls as this festive gift wrap.
    Learn how at Martha Stewart
  • Initial Gift Wrap 13 of 18
    Initial Gift Wrap
    Personalize and monogram your gifts with this great idea.
    Learn how at One Charming Party
  • Button Gift Wrap 14 of 18
    Button Gift Wrap
    Add a cute embellishment with this button-based craft.
    Learn how at Martha Stewart
  • Confetti-Dip Gift Wrap 15 of 18
    Confetti-Dip Gift Wrap
    This bright and cheerful idea makes gifts look good enough to eat.
    Learn how at Tokketok
  • Bunting Gift Wrap 16 of 18
    Bunting Gift Wrap
    Who can get their fill of bunting? Try this cute idea.
    Learn how at Two Shades of Pink
  • Paint Chip Gift Tags 17 of 18
    Paint Chip Gift Tags
    Use up those colorful paint chips with this great tag idea.
    Learn how at Real Simple
  • Newspaper Gift Wrap 18 of 18
    Newspaper Gift Wrap
    What's black and white and wrapped all over? This great newspaper gift wrap idea.
    Learn how at Country Living

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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