18 More Incredible Word Art Projects

We’re so pleased with the way our word art canvas turned out, and I can’t wait to tackle more projects for the holidays. I’m already wishing I had taken better advantage of the recent sale on canvas at my craft store, and I’ve been watching for another deal.

But, it turns out, I may not even need them! There are so many other ways to use letter stickers for word crafts. Paint, letter stickers, insert material here — my mind is officially blown by the creativity.

I think my favorite part is that you can just use what’s on hand — mismatched letter stickers won’t matter when you peel them off, almost any paint will do, and you can complete the project on any number of things you already own.

Check out these amazing word art crafts, featuring a variety of materials:

  • Bamboo Placemats 1 of 18
    Bamboo Placemats
    This is a gorgeous and unique look created by painting over letter stickers and paper doilies on a bamboo placemat. So creative!
    Photo Credit: Christine, via Pinterest (used with permission)
  • Used Canvas 2 of 18
    Used Canvas
    You don't have to use a blank canvas, when you may have a perfectly good used one lying around. The colors from a previous picture will show through just enough to add a pop of color.
    Read more at A Beautiful Mess
  • 3D Plaque 3 of 18
    3D Plaque
    Make a gorgeous sign with just about any material when you leave the foam stickers on after painting. It creates a 3-deminsional look. Plus, the material won't matter since it doesn't show through!
    Read more at The Creativity Exchange
  • Splatter Paint 4 of 18
    Splatter Paint
    If a canvas can turn out looking this cool with splatter paint, I'm pretty sure there's just no way to mess these up.
    Read more at 52 Weeks Project
  • Bleached T-Shirt 5 of 18
    Bleached T-Shirt
    Add letter stickers to a t-shirt, then spray, splatter or rub bleach across the stickers to reveal your word art..
    Read more at Craft Bits
  • Fabric 6 of 18
    Meg covered her canvas with fabric before sticking on the letters to paint. You could actually cover just about anything — scrap wood, a bulletin board, an old picture frame.
    Read more at Brassy Apple
  • Watercolors 7 of 18
    Stick letters on heavy-weight paper, then let the kids paint with watercolors over them. It's a simple way to create a soft, beautiful look.
    Read more at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
  • Photo Frames 8 of 18
    Photo Frames
    This project requires letters you'll actually want to display, but I love the idea of using different frames. You could even put scrap paper behind the glass for a color block look.
    Read more at The Pink Doodle
  • Wood Planks 9 of 18
    Wood Planks
    The base for this sign was created with wood planks — another pallet project perhaps?
    Read more at The Handmade Home
  • Finger Paint 10 of 18
    Finger Paint
    Here's another one for kids — stick on your letters, then let kids fingerpaint right over the words.
    Read more at Our Family for His Glory
  • Color Spray 11 of 18
    Color Spray
    She used color mist spray on this project, but the final look reminds me of crayon. Which made me think you could totally do that!
    Read more at Bursts of Creativity
  • Pumpkins 12 of 18
    Oh, I am loving the idea of words on a pumpkin. I'm not a big fan of carving pumpkins anyway, so this works well for me!
    Read more at Country Living
  • Furniture 13 of 18
    We have plain, black, inexpensive chairs from IKEA. They work well, but this would be such a fun way to dress them up!
    Read more at Sweet Grace
  • Wood Plaque 14 of 18
    Wood Plaque
    With blank wooden signs available at craft stores, in all shapes and sizes, it's easy to find exactly what you need to create the look you want.
    Read more at Simply Mal
  • Glassware 15 of 18
    Etching glass is actually not too difficult. I've done it before, but I love this method of etching around letters. So simple and fun!
    Read more at Craftzine
  • Mod Podge 16 of 18
    Mod Podge
    Mod Podge magazines, book pages, piano music, and more over canvas or a board. Then add letter stickers, paint, and peel for a fun look.
    Read more at Southern Belle Soul, Mountain Bride Heart
  • Ornaments 17 of 18
    It looks like they've used vinyl letters right on the ornaments, but I'm going to try painting blue over white ornaments to add "Go Colts!" to my football garland.
    Read more at HGTV
  • Plywood 18 of 18
    I can't believe this is so simple and cheap. The scribble brush strokes create a fun finish over basic plywood.
    Read more at Elisa Blaha

What would you say on canvas — or anything else?!

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