18 Totally Awesome DIY Party Hats

What’s a party without some rad party hats?

  • Frills 1 of 18
    These are so pretty! I love the color combinations.
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  • Newspaper 2 of 18
    Classic newspaper party hats but in crown form.
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  • Chalkboard 3 of 18
    Let your guests decorate their own party hats with this chalkboard version.
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  • Glitz 4 of 18
    So glamorous! The glitter one is especially gorgeous.
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  • Animal Inspired 5 of 18
    Animal Inspired
    So simple and bound to be a huge hit with the kiddos.
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  • Embroidered 6 of 18
    Such an adorable idea. Embroider your party hats to make them unique.
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  • Numeral 7 of 18
    Got a little one turning a special age? Use this DIY to make some numeral hats.
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  • Pom Poms 8 of 18
    Pom Poms
    A little clownish and a lot of fun!
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  • Floral 9 of 18
    Elegant and fun, these would be great for a girl at any age.
    See more here on Oh Happy Day.
  • Cardboard 10 of 18
    Make some cardboard hats! Your guests can decorate their own or leave them plain. I love the top hat idea.
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  • Felt 11 of 18
    Simple and subtle. The colors on this felt hat are perfection.
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  • Crochet 12 of 18
    It would take a lot of work, but it is so worth it! How cute is this?
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  • Skinny + Pretty 13 of 18
    Skinny + Pretty
    Some skinny and pretty party hats that could double as horns. Ha!
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  • Fabric 14 of 18
    Add a little pattern and fabric to your hats for some texture and class.
    See more here on Studio DIY.
  • Pow Wow Headdress 15 of 18
    Pow Wow Headdress
    Totally in love with this. Cute and oh so fun.
    See more here on Dear Lizzy.
  • Leather Crowns 16 of 18
    Leather Crowns
    You have to love leather! See the tutorial to make your own glorious leather crowns.
    Hereon Think Crafts.
  • Mini Hats 17 of 18
    Mini Hats
    For your guests of more of a toy nature. Dolls, animals, army men, it's all good!
    See more here on Oh Happy Day
  • Peter Pan Style 18 of 18
    Peter Pan Style
    These are the perfect little party hats with a peter pan style to them. I love the little feather.
    See more here on Swoon Studio.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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