18 Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Ornaments

I bought some vintage 1940’s and 1950’s ornaments from an estate auction a few years ago. I love all of the vintage colors and shapes. I get them out every year and wonder how to display them. If I hang them on my tree they seem to get swallowed up. I did a little research and found some really great ideas to display those treasured keepsake ornaments and make them a focal point in our home decor this Holiday season! Check out these 18 unexpected ways to display ornaments after the jump!!

  • Ornament Wallscape 1 of 18
    Ornament Wallscape
    Check out how ornaments are both central and accents for this beautiful table and wallscape. They're an essential element in both -- repeated shapes, bright and shiny.
    Learn how at House of Smiths
  • Ornaments on a Mirror 2 of 18
    Ornaments on a Mirror
    Check out the cute vintage touches to this classic garland. They don't have to be real vintage ornaments -- just look like them -- and therefore matching is optional.
    Learn how at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Ornaments Displayed in Old Window 3 of 18
    Ornaments Displayed in Old Window
    Use an old window to showcase bright ornaments. The slightly-beaten-up look of the old window offsets the symmetry and sparkle of the ornaments.
    Learn how at Diamond in the Stuff
  • Ornaments Hanging in Windows 4 of 18
    Ornaments Hanging in Windows
    Look at this cute ornament and ribbon combination. The bright colors in the ribbons and ornaments bring pop to any room.
    Learn how at My Home Ideas
  • Centerpiece Ornament Display 5 of 18
    Centerpiece Ornament Display
    Build a centerpiece around pretty ornaments. The square vase can be an inexpensive one -- and evokes the classic present shape with the beautiful ribbon.
    Learn how at Better homes & Gardens
  • Ornaments Hanging from the Ceiling 6 of 18
    Ornaments Hanging from the Ceiling
    The last place you'd think to hang ornaments is from the ceiling -- but the repeated black string and clear ornaments make a room's centerpiece. The varied heights provide a beautiful, if unexpected vertical decoration.
    Learn how at Design Sponge
  • Muffin Tin Ornaments 7 of 18
    Muffin Tin Ornaments
    This decor mashup works brilliantly. You can even use dollar store muffin tins and ornaments!
    Learn how at Cottage Magpie
  • Ornaments Hanging on a Mantel 8 of 18
    Ornaments Hanging on a Mantel
    Accent your mantel with this fun idea.You don't need -- or even want -- your ornaments and ribbons to match: it's the mix of colors that makes this work so well.
    Learn how at Karen Marie
  • Framed Wire Ornament Tree 9 of 18
    Framed Wire Ornament Tree
    Build a cute wall decoration with some bent wire, a reused frame, and some inexpensive mini ornaments. And voila! A unique touch to any room.
    Learn how at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Ornament Nest 10 of 18
    Ornament Nest
    This is a great idea, letting the egg-like shape of ornaments mix with a wreath to make a festive birds nest unlike any you've seen before.
    Learn how at Blue Cricket Design
  • Ceiling-Hanging Ornament Groups 11 of 18
    Ceiling-Hanging Ornament Groups
    Hang your ornaments in sets from the ceiling for a festive accent. Mix and blend colors and styles to accent your decor.
    Learn how at Real Simple
  • Ornaments Hanging on an Old Ladder 12 of 18
    Ornaments Hanging on an Old Ladder
    Showcase your ornaments in a unique way. Note how alternate rungs are wrapped in a shiny satin ribbon.
    Learn how at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Vintage Ornament Wreath 13 of 18
    Vintage Ornament Wreath
    Build a bright wreath with mismatched ornaments. Mix and match to make it the perfect complement to your decor -- and perhaps even tie the rest of your decor together.
    Learn how at Retro Renovation
  • Candlestick Ornament Displays 14 of 18
    Candlestick Ornament Displays
    Showcase your vintage ornaments with this great way to reuse candlesticks -- or just put some dollar store bargains to use.
    Learn how at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Ornaments in a Cloche 15 of 18
    Ornaments in a Cloche
    Ornaments under glass! They're not specimens, but they provide a fun echo of science or pastry!
    Learn how at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Ornaments Growing on a Tree 16 of 18
    Ornaments Growing on a Tree
    Add a touch of winter cheer to bare branches. You can use this over a table, on a wall, or anywhere you'd like a long horizontal decor item.
    Learn how at Stayle Files
  • Ornament Garland 17 of 18
    Ornament Garland
    Build a garland from colorful mini ornaments. They don't have to be expensive - they can even be plastic - but the shiny garland adds light and sparkle.
    Learn how at Pretty Quirky
  • Vintage Ornament Hanger 18 of 18
    Vintage Ornament Hanger
    Showcase your vintage ornaments on this tree-shaped hanger. Note how the ribbon lengths are carefully balanced to echo the needles on a pine tree.
    Learn how at Country Living

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