18 Ways to Reuse a Prescription Bottle

This time of year it seems as though everyone is sick. So far the flu seems to be missing our house. (Knock on wood!) But we’ve been to the doctor’s office twice in the last week for other things. There is no shortage of pill bottles around here. Daily prescriptions, antibiotics, pain relievers — I’m a regular at our local pharmacy.

And you know me — if it can be reused, I’m going to find a way! Prescription bottles are the perfect size for storing so many things. There are plenty of fun crafts to be found, too. Just be sure to clean the bottles well before you use them.

Here are 18 great ways to reuse those prescription containers:


  • Beauty Organization 1 of 18
    Store your brushes and tubes in this pill bottle makeover. They're the perfect size to keep everything sorted out.
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  • Pencil Sharpener 2 of 18
    Glue a simple pencil sharpener into the lid of a prescription bottle to collect shavings.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user sapheron
  • Jewelry 3 of 18
    I'm kind of amazed at the jewelry you can make from a prescription bottle. I've never thought about how pretty the orange bottles can be.
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  • Bobbin Storage 4 of 18
    It doesn't seem to matter what kind of fancy organizers I buy, my bobbins are always a tangled mess. This looks like a great solution!
    Read more at The Zen of Making
  • Homemade Crayons 5 of 18
    I've seen a lot of crayon tutorials, but a prescription bottle creates the perfect size and shape for little hands.
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  • Earbud Storage 6 of 18
    I'm lucky enough to have a set of earbuds that came with a fabulous case, but the girls are always making a tangled mess of theirs. Storing them in a pill bottle makes them easily portable too.
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  • Safer Storage 7 of 18
    Store stick pins or other tiny things safely away from kids. The childproof tops will keep pins, tacks, staples, and more locked away from little ones.
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  • Love Potion 8 of 18
    Make your own labels to prescribe treats for date night or birthdays. It makes a fun gift and is a great way to reuse empty bottles.
    Read more at Cook, Bake, and Decorate
  • Candle Stands 9 of 18
    Paint pill bottles, then glue a tealight candle on top. It's a simple candle stick, and using a variety of sizes will create an awesome centerpiece.
    Read more at All That Scrap
  • Party Favors 10 of 18
    Here's another idea for making your own prescription labels — in bulk. Think pink & blue for a baby shower, wedding colors for a bridal shower, themed treats for a birthday party...
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  • First Aid Kit 11 of 18
    Keep a few necessities in your purse or glove box with this tiny first aid kit in a bottle.
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  • Light Fixture 12 of 18
    This gorgeous light fixture was made with pallet wood and empty prescription bottles. Amazing!
    Read more at Handsome Craft Works
  • Hidden Key 13 of 18
    If you need to hide a key, this is a simple DIY — glue a large rock to the top of a pill bottle, tuck a key inside, then bury the bottle so the only thing your visitors will see is a rock in the garden.
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  • More Jewelry 14 of 18
    Here's another set of jewelry made from the bottle lids. This would be a fun project for kids, too.
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  • Seed Storage 15 of 18
    If you're drying heirloom seeds or simply need to store the extras from year to year, a pill bottle is the perfect size.
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  • Snowman Craft 16 of 18
    Here's another fun craft for kids using pipe cleaners. You could also use cotton balls to turn your prescription bottles into a snowman for the long, flu-filled winter.
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  • Bead Storage 17 of 18
    If you enjoy bead crafting, you know storage can be a big problem. Pill bottles are a great size, and the kid-proofed lids should keep your beads from spilling out.
    Read more at Upcycled Stuff
  • Grow Magnet 18 of 18
    This is a great science project for young children. They can watch the plant grow through the translucent pill bottle.
    Read more at Family Crafts

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