19 Hip Budget Frames For Four-Eyes Like Me (And A Giveaway!)

Question: Would you buy prescription frames online? What if you could buy your frames and your lenses for less than $100? Is it possible to be trendy and thrifty at the same time? These are deep questions. No they’re not.

In this day and age, when insurance coverage can be spotty and over-sized nerd glasses are suddenly way cool, purchasing budget-priced prescription frames online seems like a rather smart idea, doesn’t it?

It’s pretty simple: You go online, select your frames, upload a photo of yourself for a little virtual try-on session (these are so fun, I once spent three hours trying on every pair of glasses one web shop stocked; it was oddly relaxing), plug in your prescription information, and presto! It’s (fairly) easy to forward your receipt on to your insurance company for a full or partial refund, in case you do have coverage. (You know, as easy as those things ever are.)

After the jump, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite budget friendly prescription lenses–all of them available online and with lenses for under $100. You’ll look smart and be smart! How fun is that?

Plus, I’m giving away a free pair of glasses from BonLook right HERE! Find out more after the jump!

  • Farer 1 of 19
    Good and nerdy! $40.
    Buy Yours At
  • Clay 2 of 19
    You'll leave them speechless with these bold frames. $40.
    Buy Yours At
  • Lawrence 3 of 19
    Of Arabia? $80.
    Buy Yours At
  • Sylvester 4 of 19
    For serious hipsters only. $20.
    Buy Yours At
  • Aviator Green 5 of 19
    Aviator Green
    A little unexpected. $99.
    Buy Yours At BonLook
  • Harry Tortoise 6 of 19
    Harry Tortoise
    I feel like your grandpa could have worn these. For that reason I love them. $99.
    Buy Yours At BonLook
  • Honeybadger Gray 7 of 19
    Honeybadger Gray
    Gray! What a revelation! $99.
    Buy Yours At BonLook
  • J’Adore Tortoise 8 of 19
    J'Adore Tortoise
    Tortoise! $99.
    Buy Yours At BonLook
  • Jungle Chic Tortoise 9 of 19
    Jungle Chic Tortoise
    I have these. I love these. $99.
    Buy Yours At BonLook
  • Wayfarer 10 of 19
    A little thick, a little nerdy. $88.
    Buy Yours At LookMatic
  • Colt 11 of 19
    Aviator style, nice! $88.
    Buy Yours At LookMatic
  • Parker 12 of 19
    Sleek, black, understated, but still edgy. $88.
    Buy Yours At LookMatic
  • Kat 13 of 19
    I dare you. $88.
    Buy Yours At LookMatic
  • Jesse 14 of 19
    I have always wanted a pair of rad red frames like these. $88.
    Buy Yours At LookMatic
  • Hobbs 15 of 19
    I would marry the first guy I saw wearing these, they're that great. $88.
    Buy Yours At LookMatic
  • FDR 16 of 19
    I have a major crush on these babies. $88.
    Buy Yours At LookMatic
  • Smoking Hot Black 17 of 19
    Smoking Hot Black
    Classic shape. $99.
    Buy Yours At BonLook
  • Smoking Hot Caramel 18 of 19
    Smoking Hot Caramel
    I love this color. $99.
    Buy Yours At BonLook
  • Urban Dandy 19 of 19
    Urban Dandy
    Wouldn't you like to be an urban dandy? $99.
    Buy Yours At BonLook

I’m partnering with BonLook to give away a free pair of lenses worth $99! To enter, click HERE. (There are also other fun giveaway prizes you can win!)

Our BonLook winner will also be receiving a free copy of Waris Dirie’s book Desert Flower, which tells the story of Waris’s journey from the desert of Somalia to the world’s most famous catwalks, and her ongoing work as a human rights activist with the Desert Flower Foundation, seeking to end the crime of Female Genital Mutilation by raising public awareness, creating networks, organizing events and educational programs, and supporting FGM victims.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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