20 Amazing Ways to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on using empty toilet paper rolls to store & organize cords. I thought it was so brilliant that I immediately started saving our empty rolls.

Then, I stumbled on a tip for using one as filler for frugal holiday decor, and I couldn’t stop thinking about this resource I’ve been ignorning.

Oh, sure, we recycle, but it’s always better to reuse it first. So, the hunt began for cool ways to repurpose toilet paper rolls. And, I just. couldn’t. stop.

There was just so much awesome out there! You can use toilet paper rolls for organization, decoration, gifts, toys — the possibilities for that little tube are just endless. Check out my favorites:

  • Advent Calendars 1 of 20
    Advent Calendars
    I love this advent calendar. I've actually seen a few different versions of a toilet paper advent calendar — all of them super easy, cheap, and ready to fill with treats, devotions, good deeds or family fun activities.
    Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar via Woman's Day
  • Binoculars 2 of 20
    Okay, so I couldn't resist including a few kid crafts. Amanda's binoculars are super cute and fun for young children.
    Cardboard tube binoculars tutorial at Crafts by Amanda
  • Bird Feeder 3 of 20
    Bird Feeder
    We love to feed the birds each winter, and peanut butter is a staple in our house. Tie it all together with this simple project.
    Learn how to create your own toilet paper roll bird feeder from the Moffatt Girls.
  • Bracelets 4 of 20
    These totally remind me of slap bracelets — without the dangerous metal poking through.
    Cardboard tube bracelet tutorial at Eighteen25
  • Cord Organizer 5 of 20
    Cord Organizer
    I am seriously amazed at all the genius ways to organize cords with toilet paper rolls. Who new?
    Unused Cord Storage via Re-Nest, shown above
    More cord storage for multiple cords via Storage and Glee
    In-use cord organization via Organize with Sandy
  • Craft Caddy 6 of 20
    Craft Caddy
    My head is now swimming with things I can organize with toilet paper rolls. Once they're wrapped in fabric or decorative paper, you'd never know what it used to be.
    Craft cady via Crissy's Crafts
  • Flowers 7 of 20
    These whimsical flowers would be the perfect table decoration for a tea party or Mother's Day.
    Recycled flower craft via
  • Gift Boxes 8 of 20
    Gift Boxes
    Check out this unique gift box for small treats or gift cards — so simple, yet it would never have ocurred to me.
    Gift box free printable at Paper Wings
  • Holiday Decor 9 of 20
    Holiday Decor
    Talk about your frugal Christmas decor — scrap paper and some toilet paper rolls are all you need.
    Christmas Characters via Family Fun

    Here are a few more for other holidays:
    Nativity Scene
    Pilgrims & Indians
    Easter Bunny

  • Learning Books 10 of 20
    Learning Books
    Create pull-tab learning booklets with empty toilet paper rolls. Homeschool mommas are smart!
    Learning books via I Can Teach My Child
  • Napkin Rings 11 of 20
    Napkin Rings
    Displaying your cloth napkins in upcycled toilet paper roll napkin rings? Now that's green living!
    Recycled napkin rings tutorial at Alphamom
  • Pin Cushion 12 of 20
    Pin Cushion
    I love easy projects that have lasting uses, like this toilet paper roll pin cushion.
    Pin cushion tutorial at Michele Made Me
  • Princess Crown 13 of 20
    Princess Crown
    My girls love to dress up, and these crowns would be perfect for a rainy afternoon. Your child can be a TP princess — my youngest would get such a kick out of that.
    Princess Crown pictorial at lilla a
  • Scrapbook 14 of 20
    I haven't been much for scrapbooking lately, even I could put together a simple flip book like these.
    Scrapbook tutorial via Authentique paper
  • Seedling Planter 15 of 20
    Seedling Planter
    Get your seedlings started in toilet paper rolls, until they're ready to be transplanted outdoors.
    Seedling Planter instructions at Team Eco Etsy
  • Stars & Snowflakes 16 of 20
    Stars & Snowflakes
    Scissors, paint, glitter, done! If you add a few more, I bet you could create more of a snowflake look, too.
    Star Ornament tutorial at Tortoise and the Hare
  • Stamper/Stencil 17 of 20
    Use the edge of a toilet paper roll as a stamper or stencil. You can create circles, hearts or your own unique shapes.
    Via Heart Stamper via House of Baby Piranha
  • Wall Art 18 of 20
    Wall Art
    Can you even believe this is made from toilet paper rolls? Check out this canvas wall art, too.
    Faux Metal Wall Art via Suzy's Sitcom
  • White Haired Wing 19 of 20
    White Haired Wing
    Is this not the cutest recycled craft EVER? I can see this costume coming in handy for homework — schools around here love the wax museum projects.
    White Haired Wig via Handmade Spark
  • Wreath 20 of 20
    A toilet paper wreath. Seriously. I am utterly amazed at the home decor options with this.
    Toilet Paper Wreath via See You There Design

For more ideas, check out my new Toilet Paper Roll Pinterest board. I told you I couldn’t stop. And, now I can’t stop thinking of other everyday items to repurpose. So, welcome to the first in a series of reusable trash!

What is your favorite way to upcycle?

Faux Metal Wall Art via Suzy’s Sitcom

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