20 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

I love halloween costumes. But there is nothing better than a handmade kids costume! There are so many genius ideas and tutorials out there, there is no excuse to make (or buy) a lame costume. Just say no, folks. Here are 20 awesome DIY halloween costumes for your little ones. They are sure to love them!

  • Superhero 1 of 19
    I can't wait till I can dress my little guy up as a superhero. It's kind of a right of passage into toddler hood, right?
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  • Astronaut 2 of 19
    Got a little space man (or woman)? Make them into a rad astronaut!
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  • Paper Doll 3 of 19
    Paper Doll
    How genius is this? Super easy and uber cute for your little lass.
    See more here on family Fun.
  • Cloud 4 of 19
    Simple and down right adorable.
    See more here on Oh Happy Day.
  • Nacho! 5 of 19
    Hilarious! I love it.
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  • Paper Bag Animals 6 of 19
    Paper Bag Animals
    These are just too adorable and definitely not just for halloween.
    See more here on Wee Society.
  • Giraffe 7 of 19
    This is so rad. Your kiddo will love this one.
    See more here on Daily Savings.
  • Toys 8 of 19
    Oh. My. Goodness. How clever is this? Take your kid's favorite toy and make it a costume! They are guaranteed to love it.
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  • Raven 9 of 19
    Go a little edgar alan poe and make your little one a raven. Creepy!
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  • Broccoli 10 of 19
    I'm not sure if any kid will be thrilled to be broccoli, but I sure love it.
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  • Solar System 11 of 19
    Solar System
    My nephew is a total science nerd (in a good way of course.) He would love to be this awesome solar system for halloween.
    See more here on Daily Savings.
  • Hot Air Balloon 12 of 19
    Hot Air Balloon
    So fun and so easy!
    See more here on Daily Savings.
  • Bat 13 of 19
    Classic halloween. With or without the mask, this costume is a winner.
    See more here on Family Fun.
  • Owl 14 of 19
    How cute is this? And so easy too!
    See more here on Fiskars.
  • Parrot 15 of 19
    Have some old blankets you could do without? Make a parrot costume! I love the way it looks in the back.
    See more here on Mom Endeavors.
  • Robot 16 of 19
    This cool and retro looking robot looks like a lot of fun.
    See more here on Lorajeans Magazine.
  • Pirate 17 of 19
    Every kid, boy or girl, loves pirates. Just take some scissors to some already tattered clothes and you've got yourself a costume.
    See more here on Ideal Home and Garden.
  • Shark 18 of 19
    If you have a hoodie and some felt you can make a shark costume in no time. Wearable through all the colder months.
    See more here on Fiskars.
  • School Bus 19 of 19
    School Bus
    It's big and bulky and oh so cute. Bonus: You can dress them up with as many layers as necessary and it doesn't matter!
    See more here on Inhabitots.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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