20 Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Books

I can’t even begin to explain my love of books. I love to read them, I love to be around them, I love to smell them. Libraries make me happy. Bookstores are a dangerous place. Thrift stores, yard sales, and used bookstores are much more my speed.

I buy a lot of books. Some because I wish to read them over and over. Some because I just can’t wait long enough for the library wait list. And, some I buy just because — $.50 for a beautiful vintage book will catch my attention every single time.

Now, I just have to decide what to do with them. I’d been passing them onto my best friend for a project she’s plotting, but I am loving these great DIY projects. I prefer the ones that don’t ruin the book in anyway, but the others are an incredible way to use a book that may already be falling apart.

Here are 20 amazing DIY projects for old books:

  • Bookmas Tree 1 of 20
    Bookmas Tree
    This was my friend Shireen's Christmas tree last year. No books were harmed in the making of this tree.
    Photo Credit: Just Shireen
  • iPhone Dock 2 of 20
    iPhone Dock
    By hiding an iPhone charging cord in a book, you can create your own charging dock. So smart!
    Read more at Little Lovelies by Allison
  • Storage Tote 3 of 20
    Storage Tote
    Create storage boxes in vintage books for your desk. These also make great hidey holes, since it still ends up looking like an old book.
    Read more at Country Living
  • Book Column 4 of 20
    Book Column
    This is a column in the Indy Reads Books store. It is super fun and fitting for the location, but I would love to do something here at home, too.
  • Kindle Cover 5 of 20
    Kindle Cover
    If you can't stand the thought of ditching real books for an e-reader, check out this awesome DIY Kindle cover. It's the best of both worlds!
    Read more at Cosmo Cricket
  • Travel Scrapbook 6 of 20
    Travel Scrapbook
    This craft uses old guidebooks. Create a unique travel scrapbook to showcase your trip on the pages of the city's guidebook.
    Read more at Martha Stewart
  • Succulent Planter 7 of 20
    Succulent Planter
    I've seen a lot of interesting succulent planters, but nothing speaks to me quite like the pages of a book.
    Read more at Apartment Therapy
  • Comic Coasters 8 of 20
    Comic Coasters
    These comic book coasters would be a great gift for the geek in your life, but I'm thinking I could also mod podge book pages or magazines.
    Read more at Mod Podge Rocks
  • Literary Clock 9 of 20
    Literary Clock
    I so want to do this for the girls' toy room! I just have to decide which ruined old favorite would be the best choice.
    Read more at Instructables
  • Book Invitations 10 of 20
    Book Invitations
    This would be a sweet way to invite family to a 1st birthday party. Check used book stores, library fundraisers and yard sales for inexpensive kids' books.
    Read more at Ruffles and Stuff
  • Headboard 11 of 20
    We are still on the hunt for the perfect headboard. I wonder if I could talk the hubby into this project.
    Read more at Instructables
  • Wall Gallery 12 of 20
    Wall Gallery
    Display a mix of vintage books, family photos, and memorabilia. It's a unique twist on the popular wall gallery idea.
    Read more at Paper Snitch
  • Book Light 13 of 20
    Book Light
    This is another project that completely destroys the books, but how cool would this lamp be on the bedside table?
    Read more at HGTV
  • Reading Table 14 of 20
    Reading Table
    There's always a book on my nightstand anyway. Now I can have a book stand for my books — so cute!
    Read more at Home Made Simple
  • Desk Legs 15 of 20
    Desk Legs
    A little creative DIY project gives the illusion that your desk is held up by books. Fun and creative!
    Read more at Design Sponge
  • Bird House 16 of 20
    Bird House
    Birdhouse crafts are always fun projects for kids, but making it with used kids books makes it even more fun.
    Read more at Daily Danny
  • On Display 17 of 20
    On Display
    We have a few vintage books on display around the house. I love the idea of making them a focal point like this.
    Read more at Elisa McLaughlin
  • Spine Bookmarks 18 of 20
    Spine Bookmarks
    When thrifting, I see so many vintage books with the spines beginning to peel away. What a clever idea for putting them to use as bookmarks!
    Read more at Green Paper
  • Book Shelf 19 of 20
    Book Shelf
    A book shelf — ha! A few well plaed brackets will hold a book snug against the wall for small displays.
    Read more at Real Simple
  • Photo Frame 20 of 20
    Photo Frame
    I love this picture frame, even if it does cut straight through the cover and into the pages of the book. Just be sure to use something that isn't a priceless antique!
    Read more at The Red ChaiR Blog

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