20 Brilliant Projects for Your Empty Egg Cartons

When I was growing up, my art teacher mother stuffed our hall closet with all types of recyclables like toilet paper rolls, baby food jars and egg cartons. At the time I thought she was causing a fire hazard and most sinfully, wasting valuable closet space but now I understand. I mean, look at all these amazing things you can make with an egg carton! From clever organization ideas, to doll furniture, to campfire starters, I will find it hard to toss an egg carton ever again. Here are 20 brilliant projects for your empty egg cartons, with Easter coming, you might have a few around.

  • Egg Carton Buttons 1 of 20
    Egg Carton Buttons
    These sweet buttons can find their way into my Easter basket. So cute.
    Find the full project at Pretty Little Things
  • Ribbon Organizer 2 of 20
    Ribbon Organizer
    I'm always looking for a new way to tame the ribbon-y beast.
    Spotted at Craft Bits
  • Egg Carton Birthday Candles 3 of 20
    Egg Carton Birthday Candles
    This set of egg candles, perfect for Easter or a birthday, are presented in the perfect packaging.
    Spotted on Eco-Monster
  • Fire Starter 4 of 20
    Fire Starter
    Who would have guessed there was a way to recycle dryer lint. Learn to make these cool camp fire starters.
  • Egg Carton Owls 5 of 20
    Egg Carton Owls
    Get the kids in on recycle crafting with some kooky owls.
    Find the full project at Small Magazine
  • Flower Fairy Lights 6 of 20
    Flower Fairy Lights
    Strings of lights aren't just for Christmas.
    Find the full project on Create My Event
  • House & Carton: Furniture Workshop 7 of 20
    House & Carton: Furniture Workshop
    My mom made this furniture for the girls over Christmas. I will show you some pics soon!
    Find the full project atDisney Family Fun
  • Egg Carton Wreath 8 of 20
    Egg Carton Wreath
    The kids would be so proud to help make this pretty wreath and hang it on the front door.
    Find the full project at Homemade Serenity
  • Dragon Puppet 9 of 20
    Dragon Puppet
    Instructions for a dragon puppet made from an egg carton and fabric.
    Find the full project atDisney Family Fun
  • Have cupcakes. Will travel. 10 of 20
    Have cupcakes. Will travel.
    Keep those tasty mini-muffins and cupcakes snug as a bug in an egg carton.
    Spotted on Time-Out
  • Sewing Kit 11 of 20
    Sewing Kit
    A clever little sewing organizer made with an egg carton, fabric and elastic.
    Spotted at Country Living
  • Egg Carton Pretties 12 of 20
    Egg Carton Pretties
    Egg cartons + paint + ribbon makes adorable custom gift wrapping.
    Find the full project on Paper Crave
  • Ornament Storage. 13 of 20
    Ornament Storage.
    If it's designed to keep fragile eggs whole, it perfect for beautiful heirloom decorations..
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy
  • Freeze individual servings. 14 of 20
    Freeze individual servings.
    Hmn, I've never thought of that, genius!
    Spotted at Brett Winn
  • Egg cartons turned into pendant light shade 15 of 20
    Egg cartons turned into pendant light shade
    Chic enough to be spotted in a pricy gallery. I wonder if it would look this good at home.
    Spotted on Coolest Gadgets
  • Egg Carton Seedling Garden 16 of 20
    Egg Carton Seedling Garden
    Keep some little sprouts in the window and watch them grow with the kids.
    Spotted at Lovelihood Flickr
  • Spring Scavenger Hunt 17 of 20
    Spring Scavenger Hunt
    Battle cabin fever and get the littles out in nature with this clever scavenger hunt in a carton.
    Find the full project on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar
  • Egg Carton as Paint Palette 18 of 20
    Egg Carton as Paint Palette
    Keep your roses red and your violets blue.
    Spotted on Real Simple
  • Organize your junk drawer 19 of 20
    Organize your junk drawer
    I can hear my junk drawer screaming for this clever way to organize small items like tacks and rubber bands.
    Spotted at BHG
  • Lady Bug Mobile 20 of 20
    Lady Bug Mobile
    Freshen up the room with a fun bug mobile.
    Find the full project at Kid Crafts Online

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