20 Cool Ways to Display Photos

how to hang photos
How many of us have boxes (or just digital files) of photos that are just waiting to be framed and hung? I think everybody is raising their hand right now. There’s something daunting about getting photos printed, framed and hung that makes us all decide we’d rather stare at blank walls than tackle the project. Well I’m here to give us all a nudge today with these ideas of how to display photos in your home. Take a look and then try not to add, “get stuff on the walls!” to your to do list.

  • Black and White 1 of 20
    Black and White
    To cover more space, print your photos poster size.
    From Sara Hicks Malone's home
  • Colorful and Splashy 2 of 20
    Colorful and Splashy
    Mix photos in with an eclectic gallery wall.
    From Minnie Mortimer's home
  • Photo Collage 3 of 20
    Photo Collage
    Print them square and hang them up.
    From Paislee Press
  • Above a Mantle 4 of 20
    Above a Mantle
    Forget the frame, just stick them up with sticky tack.
    From Rita Konig's home
  • Dining Room 5 of 20
    Dining Room
    The dining room loves photos too.
    From Sarah Kaye
  • Hallway 6 of 20
    This couple covered their entire hallway in frames.
    From Young House Love
  • Wallpaper 7 of 20
    Talk about an impact, you can blow up the photo to cover the entire wall.
    Seen on Apartment Therapy
  • Big Impact 8 of 20
    Big Impact
    Don't have kids and think displaying a photo of yourself is too vain? Frame your pet.
    From Martha Stewart
  • Door Decor 9 of 20
    Door Decor
    Remember you can always display art on areas besides the wall.
    From Living Agency
  • Inspiration Gallery 10 of 20
    Inspiration Gallery
    Clip it!
    From Rachel Denbow
  • Framed Polaroids 11 of 20
    Framed Polaroids
    I would have a professional framer handle this one.
    From Bash Please
  • Matchy Matchy 12 of 20
    Matchy Matchy
    Go for identical frames for a uniform look.
    From The Nest Home Design Handbook
  • Pant Hangers 13 of 20
    Pant Hangers
    Forget the costly frames, grab some pant hangers instead.
    From Ladies and Gentlemen Studio
  • Shelf Above Bed 14 of 20
    Shelf Above Bed
    Layer photos on a shelf for visual interest in a sparse bedroom.
    From The Selby
  • Oversized 15 of 20
    These cheery prints look perfect oversized.
    From Lonny Mag
  • Heart It 16 of 20
    Heart It
    Arrange in a fun shape instead of just a grid pattern.
    From Jordis Anderson
  • Clean and Fresh 17 of 20
    Clean and Fresh
    Make sure your kids can't reach this one.
    From Lonny Mag
  • Color Code 18 of 20
    Color Code
    Arrange by color.
    From Photo Jojo
  • Interchangeable 19 of 20
    Simple, interchangeable display for a fast growing babe.
    From Lifeflix
  • More Hangers 20 of 20
    More Hangers
    For a contemporary look.
    From Apartment Therapy

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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