20 Creative and Inexpensive Soap Dispenser DIYs

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I've gone through several phases of soap dispensers in the bathroom and kitchen. First, there was the seriously obsessive, everything must match phase. Then there was the "I don't care what it looks like as long as it's cheap" phase, when the girls were little and pouring it down the drain. This was followed shortly by the "please let the dirty kids freaking use this soap" phase.

As the girls have grown, I'm finally to the point where I can find a happy medium. I want it to look cute, be something they'll enjoy using, and not cost a fortune. And, when my friend asked me where to find a cute, low-cost soap dispenser, I realized it was time to update my own. Enter Pinterest — where you can find dozens of updates and embellishments for everything in your home.

Here are several unique, fun updates and DIYs for an inexpensive soap pump:

  • Soap Cozy 1 of 20
    If you crochet, this site is amazing! She has patterns for several different styles of disposable soap pumps, featured in a full soap dispenser week. With the right fiber, they'll be easy to toss in the wash as needed.
    Photo and tutorial via Crochet Dynamite
  • Transparent Prints 2 of 20
    This is such a great idea idea because you can print absolutely anything you want! Use a laser jet printer or your local copy store on transparency paper. Cut to size, roll it, and insert into the pump with clear soap or hand sanitizer.
    Photo and tutorial via The Idea Room
  • Coke Bottle 3 of 20
    With an empty soda bottle and a soap pump, you can make your own fun and thrifty soap dispenser.
    Photo and tutorial via Keep Calm and Decorate
  • Tiny Treasures 4 of 20
    Suspend tiny toys in a clear soap bottle — kids will love to see Legos, Barbie shoes or seashells floating in their soap.
    Photo and tutorial via Simply Sara
  • DIY Labels 5 of 20
    Using decorative scissors or scrapbook punches, you can cut out fun shapes to stick to the front of any soap dispenser. I think this idea would also work for letting kids design their own soap labels!
    Photo and tutorial via Vorpahl Den
  • Liquor Bottles 6 of 20
    Alcohol comes in the prettiest bottles. Patron, Jager, Midori — their funky shapes are just begging to be reused. Just add a pump and soap, and you're all set!
    Photo and tutorial via Camelot Creations
  • Vintage Aprons 7 of 20
    These simple aprons are sewn to fit a dish detergent bottle. However, if you trim them a little smaller, they will be an adorable edition to a hand soap bottle, too.
    Photo and tutorial via Hostess with the Mostess
  • Mason Jar 8 of 20
    Is there nothing you can't do with a mason jar? Drill a hole through the lid and add a pump for a DIY dispenser that will hold a whole lot of soap!
    Photo and tutorial via Girl in Air
  • VInyl Decals 9 of 20
    I pretty much love my Cricut, and I've only recently learned that I can cut my own vinyl. A cute soap pump for our bathroom is only the beginning of the fun crafts I can decorate with vinyl.
    Photo and tutorial via We Cut Vinyl
  • Painted Pumps 10 of 20
    Use these step by step instructions to paint any disposable soap pump. Customize it to match the decor in your kitchen or bathroom.
    Photo and tutorial via House of Hepworths
  • Milk Jug 11 of 20
    I love the milk jug look, created with an empty Starbucks Frappuccino bottle. You just drill a hole in the lid, similar to the mason jar tutorial, to fit a soap pump.
    Photo and tutorial via Domesticated Nomad
  • Tin Can 12 of 20
    Clearly, you can make a soap dispenser out of anything! Create a unique look from an empty tin can, jelly jar, and a soap pump.
    Photo and tutorial via Funky Time
  • Stenciled Monogram 13 of 20
    This personalized soap dispenser was made by embellishing a dollar store pump, but you could also paint any disposable pump since it's simple and inexpensive to do.
    Photo and tutorial via House of Hepworths
  • Scrapbook Paper 14 of 20
    Mod podge, scrapbook paper, ribbon — done! The possibilities are as endless as your scrap paper stash. Plus, the paper can easily cover any sticker residue or even the whole label if you choose to skip a step!
    Photo and tutorial via Vixen Made
  • Floss Wrap 15 of 20
    I love this soap pump because you can choose any combination of patterns and embroidery floss. You could also use twine for a more country look.
    Photo and tutorial via Creating Laura
  • Photo Transfers 16 of 20
    Give your bathroom a little personality with photo transfers. Reverse the photos before you print, then use mod podge to transfer the picture to any blank soap dispenser. I think I'll put a few of our vacation photos in our beach themed bathrooms.
    Photo and tutorial via Shabby Boutique
  • Fabric Cover 17 of 20
    If you didn't find the right paper for your room, maybe you'll have better luck with your fabric scraps! I like this idea because I always have a few random scraps leftover from curtains, so the soap pump can match the drapes.
    Photo and tutorial via Sew Incredibly Crafty
  • Stickers and Bling 18 of 20
    We made these hand sanitizers as teacher gifts a few years ago, but you can do the same thing with fun stickers for your kitchen or bathroom. The girls picked out their own stickers and decorated the bottles in just a few minutes.
    Photo and tutorial via Inexpensively
  • Printer Labels 19 of 20
    I always have a few sheets of labels lying around. One is bound to be the right size for a soap dispenser. Print inspirational quotes, morning checklists or silly phrases to get you moving each day.
    Photo and tutorial via Mud Pie Studio
  • Chalkboard Labels 20 of 20
    Chalkboard vinyl is one of my new favorite things. Cut to fit and stick on an inexpensive or even disposable dispenser. You can label hand soap vs. dish soap or just use it to write love notes and reminders!
    Photo and tutorial via One Creative Momma

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