20 Easy DIY Projects To Spookify Your House For Halloween

Halloween might be my favorite holiday to decorate for. You can get so creative with the decorations and with halloween there is room for that darker side of you to come out. You know it’s there. Here are 20 easy and creepy ways to get your house spookified and ready for halloween. Enjoy!

  • Blood Candles 1 of 20
    Blood Candles
    These are so creepy and cool. Subtle but noticeable. If that makes any sense.
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  • Ravens + Webs 2 of 20
    Ravens + Webs
    Stick a few ravens and cob webs around the house. Guaranteed to spookify in no time.
    See more here on This Old House.
  • Skeleton Bowl 3 of 20
    Skeleton Bowl
    Perfect for your trick or treaters!
    See more here on DIY Network.
  • X-Ray Luminaries 4 of 20
    X-Ray Luminaries
    You could do some pretty creepy things with x-rays.
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  • Eerie Room 5 of 20
    Eerie Room
    Just cover your furniture with white sheets and your house will look like a haunted mansion!
    See more here on Country Living.
  • Spider Wreath 6 of 20
    Spider Wreath
    A nice "welcome" to all who enter.
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  • Graveyard Wheel Burrow 7 of 20
    Graveyard Wheel Burrow
    Put that old wheelbarrow to good use with this creepy outdoor decoration.
    See more here on BHG.
  • Spiders Nests 8 of 20
    Spiders Nests
    Just because the trees are losing their leaves, doesn't mean they have to be bare.
    See more here on BHG.
  • Creepy Curtains 9 of 20
    Creepy Curtains
    This is so creepy! Imagine walking up to a house with curtains like these.
    See more here on Martha Stewart.
  • Shrunken Heads 10 of 20
    Shrunken Heads
    We used to make these all the time when I was growing up.
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  • Pumpkin Skull 11 of 20
    Pumpkin Skull
    Who knew a pumpkin had such a detailed skull?
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  • Spooky Portraits 12 of 20
    Spooky Portraits
    Simple, clever and not terribly scary.
    See more here on Country Living.
  • Doll Dismemberment Rack 13 of 20
    Doll Dismemberment Rack
    This one made me laugh. And then immediately cringe.
    See more here on Recycle Chicken.
  • Specimen Jars 14 of 20
    Specimen Jars
    You can put just about anything in a jar with some colored liquid and it's spooky.
    See more here on Dave Lowe.
  • Skull Knocker 15 of 20
    Skull Knocker
    This looks like it would be the knocker of some 17th century serial killer or something. You gotta love that.
    See more here on Momnivores.
  • Cheesecloth 16 of 20
    Cheesecloth! The ultimate and almost instant spooky fabric. Put it anywhere to add a little scare.
    See more here on Martha Stewart.
  • Silhouette Lamp 17 of 20
    Silhouette Lamp
    You can do this with bats, witches, skulls, moths, you name it!
    See more here on Martha Stewart.
  • Head on a Platter 18 of 20
    Head on a Platter
    I love this. Especially for a halloween party. Crazy spooky.
    See more here on Martha Stewart.
  • Rotten Eggs Bowl 19 of 20
    Rotten Eggs Bowl
    Rotten eggs anyone?
    See more here on Martha Stewart.
  • Coffin Table 20 of 20
    Coffin Table
    Turn your coffee table into a coffin table! Subtle and perfectly spooky.
    See more here on Martha Stewart.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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