20 Handprint Keepsakes You’ll Actually Want to Keep

When my oldest was about 4, she left a perfect, greasy handprint on my parents’ front window. My mom cleaned around it for months, if not longer. She just couldn’t bear to erase that fleeting moment frozen in dirt time.

While handprints on the furniture, window, and walls may make me crazy, I do love to capture their size. Handprint projects are fun and adorable, but they get tucked away for another time. Our home decor may not be very sophisticated, but construction paper isn’t quite my style.

Here are 20 handprint keepsakes I would actually display:

1. Gift Wrap

Image source: To a T
Image source: To a T

Finish off a gift with your child’s handprint on the wrapping or card. How fun would it be a Christmas to have the kids’ handprints act as your signature?
Photo via To a T

2. Wall Gallery

I love the idea of creating a wall gallery of the girls’ handprints. This set was done with a kit, but you can pick up small canvas squares at the craft store, too.
Photo via Apartment Therapy

3. Driveway Stamps

When I was a little girl, we stamped our hands in the retainer wall of our driveway. I remember placing my hands against it while playing outside, marveling at how much I had grown. I wish we’d brought our daughter out here when they were pouring the driveway.
Photo via Wadsworth Family

4. Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are easy to create and provide a more portable memory. My sister and I helped our kids create footprints for Grandma a few years ago. I love having their little steps across the garden.
Photo and tutorial via Life in the Oak Tree

5. Prints in the Sand

Image source: Crafting a Green World
Image source: Crafting a Green World

Capture a moment at the beach with a handprint in the sand. The sand even sticks to the plaster for fun reminder of the beach.
Photo and tutorial via Crafting a Green World

6. Canvas Art

I love this mix of grownup art and handprints. With so many different animal print ideas out there, you can create a scene for just about any room.
Photo and tutorial via Sweet Designs

7. Plaque Coaster

A sweet quote over a child’s handprint would be a great display. This is an inexpensive project on a ceramic tile. With a good clear coat, you could use this as a coaster, too.
Photo and tutorial via Super Saturday Crafts

8. Hand Towels

Hand towels that come with handprints? So cute! A set of these would be fun to have in the kitchen or bathroom.
Photo and tutorial via Ally Shints

9. Black & White Print

Image source: Creatively Living
Image source: Creatively Living

The white handprints on black are just striking. This would be a fabulous centerpiece in a home gallery.
Photo and tutorial via Creatively Living

10. Monthly Calendar

This one is a little more childish than I was looking for, but it would make a fun family calendar with a handprint design for each month.
Photo and tutorial via The Sharpened Pencil

11. Daddy and Me

This is awesome! I love the idea of a tiny baby hand inside Mom or Dad’s palm. So precious!
Photo and tutorial via Milly Bee

12. Glass Art

Here’s another way to put a sweet quote of a child’s handprint. You can print right on the back of the glass for a beautiful display.
Photo and tutorial via Back 40 Life

13. Snowmen Ornament

Image source: Whatever...
Image source: Whatever…

Ornaments are one of my favorite keepsakes. Turn white handprints into snowmen for family memories each year when you trim the tree.
Photo and tutorial via Whatever…

14. Family Stack

This was done with hand tracing, but you could play out the same idea with different colors or shades of paint for prints.
Photo and tutorial via Tres French Hens

15. Little League

You can fit an infant or toddler handprint onto a baseball. But, I have girls! I’m pretty sure I can fit their hands onto a softball for a fun keepsake of the season.
Photo and tutorial via The Gaines Gang

16. Hand Stitched

Trace the outline of a hand and stitch it onto a piece of fabric you can frame. Overlay a different color for each child.
Photo and tutorial via Passionate Homemaking

17. Pop Art

Image source: Life Your Way
Image source: Life Your Way

How much fun is this canvas print? Freeze frame your kids onto a square of pop art. It would also be fun to do with just one child over time — print in just one square every couple years.
Photo and tutorial via Life Your Way

18. Patterned Paper

Here is another tracing project — cut a child’s hand out of fabric or paper scraps. With this you can even retrace it onto different patterns and colors while still capturing the same moment in time.
Photo and tutorial via A Pink Canary’s Nest


When I give a book as a gift, I like to sign the inside of it, but this is so much more fun! Trace your hands onto the endpapers of a book. This would also be fun to do with a child’s favorite book.
Photo and tutorial via Inchmark

20. Word Art

Attach letter stickers to a canvas, then create layers of handprints over it before revealing the word art. Just beautiful!
Photo and tutorial via Kirtsy

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