20 Jaw Dropping Inspiration Boards

inspiration board
Maybe it’s from my days of crafting collages in elementary art classes but I still love a cluttered and layered spread of images. These days they’re called inspiration boards and I’ve been spotting them like crazy in the workspaces of amazing creatives. And you know what? They’re inspiring! So much so that I’m starting my own today. Take a look for yourself.

  • Double Board 1 of 21
    Double Board
    If your inspiration is overflowing, create another board.
    Photo credit: House Beautiful
  • Wall 2 of 21
    You don't even need a cork board, stick your inspiration straight to the wall for this wallpaper look.
    See more of this space in Matchbook Magazine
  • Collage 3 of 21
    This one reminds me of collages I made in elementary school.

    Photo credit: Diane Bergeron
  • Neutral 4 of 21
    The neutral tones of this board keeps things calming instead of chaotic.
    Photo credit: Decor8
  • Uniform 5 of 21
    This board is very clean and uniform, for a minimalist look.
    See more of this space in the NY Times
  • Yellow 6 of 21
    I love the yellow in this space that keeps things so happy.
    See more of this space on Design Sponge
  • Dining 7 of 21
    This is a great use of the inspiration board in a place besides the office or studio. Photo credit: Studio Aandacht
  • Fashion 8 of 21
    Before you recycle your pile of magazines, tear out some of the glossy pages to great an inspiring spread.
    Link: Style Files
  • Entry 9 of 21
    You don't have to reserve your board for the office, add some fun to your entry or hallway.
    Photo credit: House and Home
  • Pin It 10 of 21
    Pin It
    For an effortless looking board, take your time and add pieces as you go.
    See more of this space on Design Sponge
  • Colorful 11 of 21
    Erin's work is always so bright and cheery and her amazing board certainly reflects that.
    See more of this space on The Indigo Bunting
  • Color Scheme 12 of 21
    Color Scheme
    Make your board into a piece of art by sticking with a specific color palette.
    Photo credit: House and Home
  • Travel 13 of 21
    This board was started by an image from an Anthropologie catalog. Inspiration can be found everywhere.
    Photo credit: A Creative Mint
  • 14 of 21
    A peek into the office of the creatives behind I would be inspired too if I worked in such a nice space.
    Photo credit: Laure Joliet
  • Side by Side 15 of 21
    Side by Side
    I want to live in the Bash Please studio. It's so gorgeous.
    See more of this space on Bash Please
  • Pink 16 of 21
    This one was created for the Victoria Secret brand Pink.
    Photo credit: Maria Vettese
  • Wooden Board 17 of 21
    Wooden Board
    No need to overcrowd, this simple board is nice and clean.
    See the tutorial on Design Sponge
  • Yellow 18 of 21
    Leslie creates boards and then bases off an entire set of photos off of them. So inspiring.
    See more on Decor8
  • Stripes 19 of 21
    I love how this board is backed with striped fabric.
    See more of this space on Oh Happy Day
  • Jenna Lyons 20 of 21
    Jenna Lyons
    It's no surprise that Jenna Lyon's office is lined with inspiration.
    See more of this space on From Me To You
  • Light It Up 21 of 21
    Light It Up
    I like how these boards are made a focal point with gallery lights.
    See more of this space on The Coveteur

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