20 Not So Scary DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is fantastic. But all the creepy, crawly, sometimes down right nasty decorations can be a little much. Here are 20 easy, not so scary DIY halloween projects for your family to enjoy.

  • Elegant Wreath 1 of 20
    Black is such a mysterious color. It can be elegant, creepy, gothic and simple. I might want it up year round.
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  • BOO! 2 of 20
    This is perfect if you have a mantle. It's kinda hard to miss and pretty darn cute.
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  • Luminaries 3 of 20
    These are so clever. You can make all of the classic monsters and creatures. So cute!
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  • Family of Ghosts 4 of 20
    This is genius! If you don't have little ones that will destroy them, these are the perfect decoration.
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  • Doormat 5 of 20
    A great and simple way to welcome your guests.
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  • Honeycomb Paper Pumpkins 6 of 20
    Who needs real pumpkins rotting on your front porch? Try these paper ones!
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  • Coffee Filter Webs 7 of 20
    So clever! And cheap too!
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  • Witch Shade 8 of 20
    A little more work, but worth the effort. I especially love it with the green lamp.
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  • Webbed Floors 9 of 20
    This is adorable and so fun. Another reason to love wood floors.
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  • Candy Corn Garland 10 of 20
    Edible garland? Don't mind if I do!
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  • Floating Ghosts 11 of 20
    These are the perfect touch to your chandelier. I love how ragged they look at the bottom.
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  • Paper Cut Outs 12 of 20
    Makes these on your own or with the littles. Paper cut outs are always fun.
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  • Bat Garland 13 of 20
    Simple and perfectly festive.
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  • Wall-O-Bats 14 of 20
    This is so rad. It would be hard for me to do this with only one wall.
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  • Spider Pumpkin Tea Lights 15 of 20
    How perfect would these be for a dinner party? You could paint them black too!
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  • Eye Ball Wreath 16 of 20
    A little on the weird side, but that's what halloween is all about, right?
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  • Ghost Lights 17 of 20
    These little lights would be perfect for a party for kids.
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  • Surprise Ball Pumpkin 18 of 20
    Adorable and mini. These would be a great party favor.
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  • Ghost Rocks 19 of 20
    Remember when you used to paint a rock and called it a "pet rock"? It's kind of like that but way cooler.
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  • Bat Treat Tube 20 of 20
    Get some use out of those toilet paper rolls! So fun.
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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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