20 Sinks To Blow Your Skirt Up

Here is a real fun thing about skirts that most of our household objects might feel jealous over: sinks get to wear skirts. You know, if you want them to.

I can’t think of a single other appliance or bit of furniture or architectural detail around the houseĀ (is a sink an appliance or a bit of furniture or an architectural detail?) that gets the option of wearing clothes, so really, sinks ought to feel pretty darn special.

But why would a sink need a skirt? This is a good question. Well, for hiding storage, or for keeping pipes warm (is that a thing?). Also, for going to church on Sundays. Duh!

I had too much fun combing the Internet for grand photos of sinks wearing skirts. I hope they brighten your day too! After the jump!

  • Sleek and Minimal 1 of 20
    Sleek and Minimal
    For our first sink skirt, I bring you a twist: this sink skirt doesn't even LOOK like a sink skirt! Yet it still accomplishes all the storage benefits of a sink skirt.
    This sink is from Lonny Mag
  • Danish Close Up 2 of 20
    Danish Close Up
    This sink skirt lives in Denmark, and reminds me of an apron.
    This sink is from Bolig
  • Corner Unit 3 of 20
    Corner Unit
    Corner sinks can be so awkward, but a full duster skirt gives it purpose and opens whole new worlds of storage opportunities.
    This sink is from BHG
  • Green Floral 4 of 20
    Green Floral
    I am in love with the way this avocado green floral quirks up this otherwise too-sweet pink powder room.
    This sink is from My Home Ideas
  • Mini Skirt 5 of 20
    Mini Skirt
    I am downright enamored of this sink set up. The whole thing!
    This sink is from Brooke Gianette
  • Shower Curtain Skirt? 6 of 20
    Shower Curtain Skirt?
    Something about this exposed hardware, a bit of a masculine touch on such a feminine style, really does it for me.
    This sink is from Real Estate MSN
  • Tucked Away Skirt 7 of 20
    Tucked Away Skirt
    A little lace and some twinkle lights? Sold.
    This sink is from Mod Vintage Life
  • Everything But The Kitchen Sink Skirt 8 of 20
    Everything But The Kitchen Sink Skirt
    I can just imaging the person (and the puppy) who lives and bakes in this kitchen. I imagine they can make a mean apple pie.
    This sink is from For The Love Of A House
  • Pleats 9 of 20
    Pleated skirts are known to add volume, as in this case of this mini sink, which was otherwise disappearing in the room. Add a skirt and BAM! Statement sink.
    This sink is from Thirty Handmade Days
  • Ruffled Layers 10 of 20
    Ruffled Layers
    Here is what I like about this sink skirt: this sink skirt looks like a human skirt you could spend way too much on at Anthropologie.
    This sink is from Life In Grace
  • Sweet and Ruffled 11 of 20
    Sweet and Ruffled
    Understated, sweet, and utilitarian. I love this little sink skirt!
    This sink is from Canadian Cottage
  • Stripey Skirt 12 of 20
    Stripey Skirt
    A little linen, a little stripe . . . very nice.
    This sink is from Home-Frosting
  • Wide Skirt 13 of 20
    Wide Skirt
    Oh holy moley this sink is gorgeous.
    This sink is from The Kitchn
  • Laundry Room Skirt 14 of 20
    Laundry Room Skirt
    A skirt for the room where you launder your skirts! The colors of this floral number really do wonders for the industrial look of those machines, don't you think?
    This sink is from House And Home
  • Candy Cane Stripes 15 of 20
    Candy Cane Stripes
    Ack! This one is too good.
    This sink is from The Twice Remembered Cottage
  • Double Trouble 16 of 20
    Double Trouble
    What most people picture when you say "country bathroom with a sink skirt." And why not! This is lovely. (Although immodest, if this were a real skirt... right? Hah!)
    This sink is from Country Living
  • Ticking Stripe 17 of 20
    Ticking Stripe
    This kitchen is summery and warm and everything delicious. I think it all has to do with that skirt (and okay, those sunflowers too).
    This sink is from The Twice Remembered Cottage
  • Unexpected Floral 18 of 20
    Unexpected Floral
    A good floral will pretty much solve any storage problem, it's really true.
    This sink is from The Twice Remembered Cottage
  • Shabby Chic 19 of 20
    Shabby Chic
    This sink is from The Twice Remembered Cottage
  • Stunning! 20 of 20
    There is nothing kitschy or country about this dramatic sink skirt. Take it all in! That is one classy maxi skirt!
    This sink is from House Beautiful


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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