20 Uhh-mazing Umbrella Stands

Here in New York City the weather is just starting to turn. Already I’ve hauled out the coats and boots, replenished the hat and glove pile, and had the stroller sock cleaned. (I so wish I could ride around in a stroller sock! Lucky babies…)  The only thing left to do is pick out  a really awesome umbrella stand.

I’ve had my eye on this owl umbrella stand for about a year but I’ve yet to pull the trigger. Ceramics make me nervous, especially with a crawling, super investigative baby around the house. So I thought I’d do one last search about the Internet to see what other alternatives I might consider. And then I brought them right here, in case you too are on the hunt for the perfect umbrella stand.

After the jump! Hope you enjoy!

  • Alessi Vessels 1 of 20
    Alessi Vessels
    The tall guy on the right. Yep. He'll do nicely.
    Get Yours From Unica Home
  • Blomus Umbrella Stand 2 of 20
    Blomus Umbrella Stand
    I really like the product names over at Unica Home. Blomus?? Regardless, Blomus is pretty snazzy looking if I do say so myself.
    Get Yours From Unica Home
  • Fornasetti Umbrella Stand 3 of 20
    Fornasetti Umbrella Stand
    No really, this is a roman leg, for storing umbrellas. Are you seeing the amazingness of this?!?
    Get Yours From Unica Home
  • Black Leather Umbrella Stand 4 of 20
    Black Leather Umbrella Stand
    Leather! Swanky! (Also swanky is the price tag. Yikes!)
    Get Yours From Gracious Home
  • Alessi Blow Up Umbrella Stand 5 of 20
    Alessi Blow Up Umbrella Stand
    This is cooler than anything on the entire planet.
    Get Yours From Gracious Home
  • Guzzini Umbrella Stand 6 of 20
    Guzzini Umbrella Stand
    It's glass, it's got a funky shape, it's cheerful, what more could you need?
    Get Yours From Unica Home
  • Galvanized Metal Pail 7 of 20
    Galvanized Metal Pail
    If your place boasts a bit of a shabby chic/french countryside feeling, this guy is for you!
    Get Yours From Pretty Clever Decor
  • French Flower Buckets 8 of 20
    French Flower Buckets
    Available all around the web in different sizes and finishes, flower buckets are made to get wet, get dinged up, and just improve in looks with abuse.
    Get Yours From Great Rooms Decor
  • French Flower Bucket 9 of 20
    French Flower Bucket
    This guy is 16 inches and comes out to a whopping $10 each! Can't beat that!
    Get Yours From Save On Crafts
  • Brass Midcentury Modern Umbrella Stand 10 of 20
    Brass Midcentury Modern Umbrella Stand
    Okay okay, stop it right there. This one is coming with me.
    Get Yours From eBay
  • Blossom Umbrella Stands 11 of 20
    Blossom Umbrella Stands
    A good cherry blossom will never let you down.
    Get Yours From Overstock
  • Portis Umbrella Stand 12 of 20
    Portis Umbrella Stand
    Never fear! Ikea is here with a budget stand under $20.
    Get Yours From Ikea
  • Two’s Company Owl Stand 13 of 20
    Two's Company Owl Stand
    I've seen this guy everywhere from Urban Outfitters online and in my local Gracious Home and let me tell you. He is a charmer.
    Get Yours From Amazon
  • Antique French Hammered Copper and Brass 14 of 20
    Antique French Hammered Copper and Brass
    This one is NOT messing around. Gorgeous!
    Get Yours From eBay
  • Wildon Home Coat Rack 15 of 20
    Wildon Home Coat Rack
    In case you prefer to keep all your outer wear in one location.
    Get Yours From Walmart
  • Satin Brass Umbrella Holder 16 of 20
    Satin Brass Umbrella Holder
    Classic, understated, looks good anywhere. Brass. I really enjoy brass, don't you?
    Get Yours From Hertz Furniture
  • Satin Aluminum Umbrella Stand 17 of 20
    Satin Aluminum Umbrella Stand
    Compartments! Genius!
    Get Yours From Hertz Furniture
  • Vintage Owl Umbrella Stand 18 of 20
    Vintage Owl Umbrella Stand
    I enjoy the way he looks particularly unhappy with things. It's only suiting, for an object exclusively dedicated to foul weather.
    Get Yours From Etsy
  • Vintage Indian Brass Umbrella Stand 19 of 20
    Vintage Indian Brass Umbrella Stand
    You guys, this one is only $15! Run!
    Get Yours From Etsy
  • Wooden Shipping Crate 20 of 20
    Wooden Shipping Crate
    How lovely would this be?
    Get Yours From Etsy


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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