21 Budget Spray Paint Ideas

I’m addicted to spray paint — I have about a billion cans of it left over from large and no-so-large projects, and it needs a place to go. More accurately, it needs a project to go on. I was searching for some budget spray paint ideas recently and was happy to discover that there are a TON to be found! Since I’ve got a lot of spray paint in a variety of colors, I found some ideas that can be done in a variety of ways. As an added bonus, I’ve found Becky Higgins’ Spray Painting Tips — very helpful if you’re a newbie spray painter (or just want a refresher). Alas, here’s a roundup of the best spray painting crafts I’ve found around the web …


  • Mason Jar Vases 1 of 21
    Spray paint makes the vases as bright as the flowers they hold.

    Visit the tutorial at Joy's Hope

  • Girl’s Shirt 2 of 21
    The key to this spray painted tee is NOT being neat and tidy.

    Get the instructions at No Big Dill

  • Unique Coasters 3 of 21
    You can use up your last bit of spray paint on functional corner molding to make these unique drink coasters.

    Find out how at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Pretty Trash Can 4 of 21
    With a little taping and some spray paint you can create this pretty chevron pattern.

    Check out the full tutorial at Infarrantly Creative

  • Funky Cap 5 of 21
    A little bit of over-spray can turn into a fashion statement.

    You can make this yourself, or buy it here, on EtsyEtsy

  • Put a Ring on It 6 of 21
    Take any store-bought ring and give it a vintage flair with pastel spray paint.

    Check out how do to this at Blue Moss Girls

  • Handmade Cushions 7 of 21
    It just takes a little spray paint, freezer paper and imagination to create these funky pillows.

    Get step-by-step instructions at V and Co

  • Colorful Tsotchkes 8 of 21
    Kitschy turns cool with some bright and bold spray paint.

    Learn how it was done at Craftzine

  • Designed by Little Ones 9 of 21
    A stencil and some spray paint can turn a boring pair of leggings into a bold fashion statement.

    Find out how these were made at Lil Blue Boo

  • Even Flatware 10 of 21
    A simple touch of spray paint brightens up the dinner table.

    Get the tutorial at Creatively Christy

  • Candle Holder for Jewelry 11 of 21
    What happens when you combine a candle holder with spray paint? You get a jewelry holder, duh!

    Get the instructions at Sarah Ortega Photography

  • Summer Votives 12 of 21
    Trash becomes treasure with spray paint and yarn — who woulda thunk?

    Learn how it was done at Mark Montano

  • Toned Bench 13 of 21
    A little trick I discovered: You don't have to spray paint the whole item to make it stand out!

    See the inspiration at Design Sponge

  • Flora and Fauna 14 of 21
    Take a little piece of nature and spray paint it white and you've got the ultimate piece de resistance in your living room!

    Check out the tutorial at Behind Closed Drawers

  • Protect Your Head 15 of 21
    Why wear a bike helmet that doesn't show how cool you are? Take your favorite colors and tag your own helmet to your liking. (You'll be sure to get noticed.)

    Learn more at I Still Love You

  • Salvaged Chandelier 16 of 21
    Before you get rid of that outdated chandelier in the dining room, grab a bottle of spray paint. The brighter the better when it comes to refurbishing lighting in your home.

    See the step-by-step at M Stetson

  • Bright Lamp Base 17 of 21
    A beautiful lamp reaches its full potential with a coat of bright yellow spray paint.

    Find the instructions at Bille Monster

  • Plant Stands 18 of 21
    Impress your guests inside your home and out with these spray painted touches of color.

    Check out the full tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks

  • Craiglist Candleholders 19 of 21
    These old candle holders could have been advertised on Craigslist, but they found a new life with brilliant blue spray paint.

    Learn more about these at Sunset

  • Recycle Some Glass 20 of 21
    Leftover spray paint turned these boring glass bottles into fabulous works of art.

    See how it was done at Tattered and Inked

  • Colorful Dessert Tray 21 of 21
    Holidays are the perfect time for a coat or two of metallic spray paint.

    Find the tutorial at Pizzazzerie


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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