21 Budget Spray Paint Ideas

I’m addicted to spray paint — I have about a billion cans of it left over from large and no-so-large projects, and it needs a place to go. More accurately, it needs a project to go on. I was searching for some budget spray paint ideas recently and was happy to discover that there are a TON to be found! Since I’ve got a lot of spray paint in a variety of colors, I found some ideas that can be done in a variety of ways. As an added bonus, I’ve found Becky Higgins’ Spray Painting Tips — very helpful if you’re a newbie spray painter (or just want a refresher). Alas, here’s a roundup of the best spray painting crafts I’ve found around the web …


  • Mason Jar Vases 1 of 21
    Mason Jar Vases
    Spray paint makes the vases as bright as the flowers they hold.

    Visit the tutorial at Joy's Hope

  • Girl’s Shirt 2 of 21
    Girl's Shirt
    The key to this spray painted tee is NOT being neat and tidy.

    Get the instructions at No Big Dill

  • Unique Coasters 3 of 21
    Unique Coasters
    You can use up your last bit of spray paint on functional corner molding to make these unique drink coasters.

    Find out how at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Pretty Trash Can 4 of 21
    Pretty Trash Can
    With a little taping and some spray paint you can create this pretty chevron pattern.

    Check out the full tutorial at Infarrantly Creative

  • Funky Cap 5 of 21
    Funky Cap
    A little bit of over-spray can turn into a fashion statement.

    You can make this yourself, or buy it here, on EtsyEtsy

  • Put a Ring on It 6 of 21
    Put a Ring on It
    Take any store-bought ring and give it a vintage flair with pastel spray paint.

    Check out how do to this at Blue Moss Girls

  • Handmade Cushions 7 of 21
    Handmade Cushions
    It just takes a little spray paint, freezer paper and imagination to create these funky pillows.

    Get step-by-step instructions at V and Co

  • Colorful Tsotchkes 8 of 21
    Colorful Tsotchkes
    Kitschy turns cool with some bright and bold spray paint.

    Learn how it was done at Craftzine

  • Designed by Little Ones 9 of 21
    Designed by Little Ones
    A stencil and some spray paint can turn a boring pair of leggings into a bold fashion statement.

    Find out how these were made at Lil Blue Boo

  • Even Flatware 10 of 21
    Even Flatware
    A simple touch of spray paint brightens up the dinner table.

    Get the tutorial at Creatively Christy

  • Candle Holder for Jewelry 11 of 21
    Candle Holder for Jewelry
    What happens when you combine a candle holder with spray paint? You get a jewelry holder, duh!

    Get the instructions at Sarah Ortega Photography

  • Summer Votives 12 of 21
    Summer Votives
    Trash becomes treasure with spray paint and yarn — who woulda thunk?

    Learn how it was done at Mark Montano

  • Toned Bench 13 of 21
    Toned Bench
    A little trick I discovered: You don't have to spray paint the whole item to make it stand out!

    See the inspiration at Design Sponge

  • Flora and Fauna 14 of 21
    Flora and Fauna
    Take a little piece of nature and spray paint it white and you've got the ultimate piece de resistance in your living room!

    Check out the tutorial at Behind Closed Drawers

  • Protect Your Head 15 of 21
    Protect Your Head
    Why wear a bike helmet that doesn't show how cool you are? Take your favorite colors and tag your own helmet to your liking. (You'll be sure to get noticed.)

    Learn more at I Still Love You

  • Salvaged Chandelier 16 of 21
    Salvaged Chandelier
    Before you get rid of that outdated chandelier in the dining room, grab a bottle of spray paint. The brighter the better when it comes to refurbishing lighting in your home.

    See the step-by-step at M Stetson

  • Bright Lamp Base 17 of 21
    Bright Lamp Base
    A beautiful lamp reaches its full potential with a coat of bright yellow spray paint.

    Find the instructions at Bille Monster

  • Plant Stands 18 of 21
    Plant Stands
    Impress your guests inside your home and out with these spray painted touches of color.

    Check out the full tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks

  • Craiglist Candleholders 19 of 21
    Craiglist Candleholders
    These old candle holders could have been advertised on Craigslist, but they found a new life with brilliant blue spray paint.

    Learn more about these at Sunset

  • Recycle Some Glass 20 of 21
    Recycle Some Glass
    Leftover spray paint turned these boring glass bottles into fabulous works of art.

    See how it was done at Tattered and Inked

  • Colorful Dessert Tray 21 of 21
    Colorful Dessert Tray
    Holidays are the perfect time for a coat or two of metallic spray paint.

    Find the tutorial at Pizzazzerie


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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