21 Projects Using Recycled Sweaters

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I love sweaters (fall weather loves them too), and I definitely had a favorite one in high school.  It got so many holes (I kept stitching them) so I named it “Frankensweater.”  It was time to let it go, but I couldn’t.  At the time I never thought of making Frank into something else so that I could keep it around.  I wish I would have known about projects like these recycled floral sweater pillows at the time.  Just so you don’t end up getting rid of your favorite sweater, I am sending 20 projects your way (I threw in a fun sweater refashion just because).  View more ideas after the jump.

  • Fresh From the Tubby 1 of 21
    Fresh From the Tubby
    Felt and simple sweater sewing make this cute mat.

    Find the step-by-step at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Party Banner 2 of 21
    Party Banner
    Sew a few scraps together for this budget decoration.

    See how it was made at Scrumdillydilly

  • I Call Them Snuggs 3 of 21
    I Call Them Snuggs
    Make budget slipper boots with just a few ingredients.

    Learn how to assemble them at Cut Out and Keep

  • Trendy Decor 4 of 21
    Trendy Decor
    Simple wrapping is all it takes to achieve this look.

    See more images at Whipperberry

  • For the Little Ones 5 of 21
    For the Little Ones
    Elastic and basic sewing make this mini-sweater dress.

    Get the full instructions at The Mother Huddle

  • Striped Set 6 of 21
    Striped Set
    Sweater vest plus felt pieces equals cute for kids.

    Find out how this set was made at Skip to My Lou

  • Carry All 7 of 21
    Carry All
    You can make these with simple patterns and cutting.

    Learn how these were made at Explore the Cabin

  • Meant to Be 8 of 21
    Meant to Be
    Add pompoms to the bottom of a sweater to finish this look.

    Visit the complete tutorial at Dana's Fashion Blog

  • Fashionable Hand Warmers 9 of 21
    Fashionable Hand Warmers
    Make several pairs of gloves from just one sweater.

    See the instructions at Martha Stewart

  • Soft and Warm 10 of 21
    Soft and Warm
    Add elastic to sweater sleeves for these baby pants.

    Get the step-by-step at Prudent Baby

  • One of a Kind 11 of 21
    One of a Kind
    Sew several unique stockings with an easy PDF pattern.

    Find out how it's done at MADE

  • Sweater Scraps 12 of 21
    Sweater Scraps
    Small, stuffed sweater bits sewn together make this rainbow quilt.

    See more inspirational images at Mollie Makes

  • Becoming a Sweater 13 of 21
    Becoming a Sweater
    Men's sweatshirt gets gathered sleeves in this makeover.

    Learn how to get this look at Dee Construction

  • Bright and Cheery 14 of 21
    Bright and Cheery
    Sew this bag with one sweater and leftover lining.

    Visit the full tutorial at A Lemon Squeezy Home

  • Cozy Up 15 of 21
    Cozy Up
    Straight sewing is all it takes to get these pillows.

    Find out how they were made at Brassy Apple

  • Morning Java 16 of 21
    Morning Java
    Keep your coffee warm with a small sweater scrap.

    See the step-by-step at Everything Nothing Wonderful

  • Holiday Party Favors 17 of 21
    Holiday Party Favors
    Simply cinch up the end with hand sewing to make the wine bag gifts.

    Learn how they were made at Entertain Exchange

  • Fall Fashion 18 of 21
    Fall Fashion
    Use the trim of the sweater to create this warm headband.

    See the step-by-step at Polka Dots and Pizza

  • Quick and Easy 19 of 21
    Quick and Easy
    Make these baby socks from an old sweater or other socks.

    Get the instructions at Made By Joel

  • Pretty Simplicity 20 of 21
    Pretty Simplicity
    This no-sew vase just requires a sleeve and some glue.

    Find out how this was done at Under the Table and Dreaming

  • Everyone Loves Felt Flowers 21 of 21
    Everyone Loves Felt Flowers
    Easy felting of old sweaters makes cute accents.

    See more images at Aunt Peaches

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