21 Projects Using Recycled Sweaters

I love sweaters (fall weather loves them too), and I definitely had a favorite one in high school.  It got so many holes (I kept stitching them) so I named it “Frankensweater.”  It was time to let it go, but I couldn’t.  At the time I never thought of making Frank into something else so that I could keep it around.  I wish I would have known about projects like these recycled floral sweater pillows at the time.  Just so you don’t end up getting rid of your favorite sweater, I am sending 20 projects your way (I threw in a fun sweater refashion just because).  View more ideas after the jump.

  • Fresh From the Tubby 1 of 21
    Felt and simple sweater sewing make this cute mat.

    Find the step-by-step at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Party Banner 2 of 21
    Sew a few scraps together for this budget decoration.

    See how it was made at Scrumdillydilly

  • I Call Them Snuggs 3 of 21
    Make budget slipper boots with just a few ingredients.

    Learn how to assemble them at Cut Out and Keep

  • Trendy Decor 4 of 21
    Simple wrapping is all it takes to achieve this look.

    See more images at Whipperberry

  • For the Little Ones 5 of 21
    Elastic and basic sewing make this mini-sweater dress.

    Get the full instructions at The Mother Huddle

  • Striped Set 6 of 21
    Sweater vest plus felt pieces equals cute for kids.

    Find out how this set was made at Skip to My Lou

  • Carry All 7 of 21
    You can make these with simple patterns and cutting.

    Learn how these were made at Explore the Cabin

  • Meant to Be 8 of 21
    Add pompoms to the bottom of a sweater to finish this look.

    Visit the complete tutorial at Dana's Fashion Blog

  • Fashionable Hand Warmers 9 of 21
    Make several pairs of gloves from just one sweater.

    See the instructions at Martha Stewart

  • Soft and Warm 10 of 21
    Add elastic to sweater sleeves for these baby pants.

    Get the step-by-step at Prudent Baby

  • One of a Kind 11 of 21
    Sew several unique stockings with an easy PDF pattern.

    Find out how it's done at MADE

  • Sweater Scraps 12 of 21
    Small, stuffed sweater bits sewn together make this rainbow quilt.

    See more inspirational images at Mollie Makes

  • Becoming a Sweater 13 of 21
    Men's sweatshirt gets gathered sleeves in this makeover.

    Learn how to get this look at Dee Construction

  • Bright and Cheery 14 of 21
    Sew this bag with one sweater and leftover lining.

    Visit the full tutorial at A Lemon Squeezy Home

  • Cozy Up 15 of 21
    Straight sewing is all it takes to get these pillows.

    Find out how they were made at Brassy Apple

  • Morning Java 16 of 21
    Keep your coffee warm with a small sweater scrap.

    See the step-by-step at Everything Nothing Wonderful

  • Holiday Party Favors 17 of 21
    Simply cinch up the end with hand sewing to make the wine bag gifts.

    Learn how they were made at Entertain Exchange

  • Fall Fashion 18 of 21
    Use the trim of the sweater to create this warm headband.

    See the step-by-step at Polka Dots and Pizza

  • Quick and Easy 19 of 21
    Make these baby socks from an old sweater or other socks.

    Get the instructions at Made By Joel

  • Pretty Simplicity 20 of 21
    This no-sew vase just requires a sleeve and some glue.

    Find out how this was done at Under the Table and Dreaming

  • Everyone Loves Felt Flowers 21 of 21
    Easy felting of old sweaters makes cute accents.

    See more images at Aunt Peaches

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